Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

save my life

it should be known that i tried to sing chariots of fire as roommate-sarah and me were finishing our final kilometer on saturday. but somehow it turned into the theme from robin hood prince of thieves. so, not to brag or anything, but, i may be a musical genius. creating mashups without tryin' since 1984. (i know my accidental-mashup of 'feed the birds' and 'bring him home' is a big hit with hoopers and friends of all ages.)

meanwhile. today. the theme of today's videos is 'none'. huh? okay, it was just gonna be robyn's none of dem. but then when i searched for that, it also suggested the salt n' pepa. and that particular song has been in my head constantly lately... just. bam. all the time. so clearly it was meant to go up on here. also roommate-sarah doesn't know it, which is basically her biggest flaw. okay. dance. with your tired-sore-but-happy-hips.

happy monday, joggers and jivers.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

broke the internet

this was meant to be the last vine. but they put it up in the wrong order. so i tried to move it. and it went away... whatever. thinking is HARD! i even asked twitter and it didn't help. okaybye!


Friday, July 26, 2013

24 in 24 metric


{race illustrations courtesy of friends-adam&jess-robertson's kid}

y'all ready for this? all the running. all the night and day. for those of you who have somehow missed how this works:

roommate-sarah and me. will run. 1 kilometer. every hour for 24 hours. beginning at 8pm TONIGHT!

this race/challenge was created by emma&charlie, originally featuring 1 mile per hour. it has been run by them, of course, as well as by brother-chris, and MY PARENTS!?!! 

roommate-sarah and me have received permission from the creators to do the race/challenge metric-stylez. 

we will be joined by various friends throughout. we will keep you updated on the internets. we will stop making sense. we will probably not die?!

follow our progress on here, or via the twitter/instagram/vine by watching for #24in24metric.

now crank up some miley cyrus and GET GOING!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! 


"That's when people started calling me a 'whore.'
I'm going to be honest about what it feels like to be called that as a 14-year-old girl who has never had sex and who doesn't plan to have sex anytime soon.
I feel disappointed.
It's hard for me to understand why adults would be calling me this. It's hard for me to understand why anyone would use this term for a 14-year-old girl."
{tuesday cain for xojane}

i. love. this. girl.
let's go back a little, so you know what is the what.

{tuesday and her dad billy cain}

* tuesday cain and her friend made a (witty/funny/smart/biting) sign

and the internet was all 'you a HOE!'
she was standing up for her beliefs in texas as the terror-fest-anti-abortion-bullshit was going down.

i love her. and i love her friend. and i love her dad. i love that of all the emotions she probably has in reaction to the awfulness that the internets can be, she highlights disappointment. not anger or sadness or fear or disgust or DID I SAY ANGER?! it's like when you lied to your mom that one time in elementary school, and she wasn't mad, she was disappointed. and it was so much worse. because that disappointment said 'i believe in your capacity to be better than this - i know it is in you. so you sure did let me down, here. by falling short. by not being a better you.'

now the kind of morons who would lash out at a fourteen year old like this probably aren't the kind to feel great remorse when they realize what a bag-o-dicks they've been. but they sure have been shown up, in my humble opinion. by her considered words. by the fact that they drew out a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD who felt she had better have a chat with them, the big dumbs, and clear things up.

"Adults are not acting like adults.
Normally, I prefer to look up to adults as role models. But what is happening in Texas right now it's hard to find adults who I want to look up to.
I don't look up to an adult who is taking away a woman's right to choose.
I don't look up to an adult who is calling a 14-year-old girl a whore.
I don't look up to an adult who is screaming in my face and saying I am ugly."

she said that while watching wendy davis fillibuster, she was proud to be a texan. well texas has something to be proud of in her, too. so there.

happy friday, teenage dreams.

Monday, July 22, 2013

saved my life

i am nauseous with nostalgia this last week. last wednesday, eating nachos with sarahjay and roommatesarah and death cab for cutie playing in the bar, and us leaving to 'what sarah said'...

i've been back on death cab. as a result. transatlanticism, i'll follow you into the dark, lack of colo(u)r.

i was going to put up a video of a cat in a sweater having a hard time, but i'm too dark-and-moody today, so we'll save that for a cheerier time.

happy monday, grey skies.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


{leslie morgan steiner for ted}

"Now, if he makes a threat, Massachusetts has the power to escalate. If he uses visitation time to attack her or her children, Massachusetts restricts visitation. Now he's the one who has to make his decisions with the understanding that someone with power can further restrict his movements and his ability to live freely. Abusers often victimize for years before taking things to the level of a serious beating or murder. By restricting movements in the early stages, it appears that the program helps keep abusers from getting to that point."
{amanda marcotte for slate magazine}

that's it for today. keeping it short since this is for sure a heavy theme.

happy friday, lovelies.

Thursday, July 18, 2013



i am rather slowly working my way through this piece where snp & tao lin talk to eachother for a while, semi-curated by sheila heti. it is charming and lovely and also kind of hard to get through cause awkwardness. and flowers. as you know if you follow my instagram, i am all flowers all the time these days. flowers always flowers everywhere or i'd never survive this summer. but. anyway. snp said something about lydia davis (whom i will read soooooon, it's on my stack) that i laughed at a little as it is kinda sorta how i feel about snp.

i like that. quite. i've been underlining a lot in the things i've been reading lately. like maybe they'll help me fix this brain of mine. like maybe they'll help me know what to be doing. or comfort me in the things that i am not doing. (like. how should a person be? page one. haha.)

roommate-sarah recently explained my snp-feelings to someone who was trying to figure out what on earth i was talking about when i was talking about her. she called her my sorta-daemon. like in phillip pullman. dark materials. and i like that a lot. i should re-read that series. (also. me and sarahs, hey? i mean. i know it has to do with my generational-peers and whatever, but whoa. me and sarahs, sarahs and me.)

i wish i was better at reading. if i could be one thing, i think maybe that is what i would be. better at reading. faster. more capable of retention. (or i would be a singer in bjork's choir. alternatively. for my one thing. so maybe i could have two one things i could be?)

Monday, July 15, 2013

saved my life

this weekend there was an awful lot of time spent in the car with top-40 radio for roommate-sarah and i. oh what a time! what car-dancing! i'll be throwing some pictures of the weekend and the beautifullest wedding up this week. but for now we wallow in pop music and our not so secret shame. (last night as i was getting ready for bed, i could hear the following song on repeat in roommate-sarah's room. unfortunately we can't stop.)

happy monday! it's my blorg i can post what i want to!

Friday, July 12, 2013



* a woman's right to booze

oh holy hell this is great. i am a particular fan of "a rum of one's own" and "female condom perignon"...

who wants to have a party where we invent recipes for each?! and weep over the states' newest movements in reproductive rights?!

(and an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO for you to keep you up with our local scandal...)

happy friday, casual abusers of alcohol and drug.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


there is a piece of writing that is circulating amongst my pals back in the homeland of edmonton. just in case you haven't run into it yet, i'mma throw to it here.
* on homelessness and support (or lack thereof) social aid/affordable housing

this is a lovely tribute to a loved man, and an eloquent rebuttal to the nay-saying NIMBYs of terwillegar, and a lot of cities in this country we're lucky enough to call home. i am grateful for her honesty and openess about her and her family's experience.  i am impressed that she remains kind and hopeful in the face of rage-making ignorance and close-mindedness.

"To those of you who say you are not affluent, I say there are many people in Edmonton who make more money than you do, and plenty more who make less, but if your wealth depends on keeping others poor, then you will never truly be wealthy.

Call me idealistic — I’ve been called worse — but I have to believe Terwillegar Speaks represents a very vocal but very minor number of people’s views in that part of my city."
{salena kitteringham for the edmonton journal}

(and going by the communities and people i know in old edmo, she is right. there's a lot of greatness and kindness and generosity in that city. i hope it wins out. i hope it makes noise. i think it will.)


{jean paul gaultier resort 2014, photos by gregoire alexandre courtesy of jean paul gaultier by way of}

{tibi resort 2014, photos courtesy of tibi by way of}

{richard nicoll resort 2014, photos courtesy of richard nicoll by way of}

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

anyone's ghost

HOUNDSTOOTH OVERALLS! if you love me, you will get me those overalls. those overalls are all my favourite fashion jokes rolled up in one and the audience goes wiiiilllllddddd!!!!!!!! man. i was already planning on flipping out over the denim tuxedo look as bestjokes BUT THEN THE OVERALLS! uuuggggghhhhhh. my heart hurts from all the loving laughing.

also. mom. you totally had that houndstooth skirt-suit. i imagine you don't anymore? sadness.

{balmain resort 2014, photos courtesy of balmain by way of}

what all the troubles are for

you know it. mcqueen.

{alexander mcqueen resort 2014, photos courtesy of alexander mcqueen by way of}