Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the girls all wanted him to dance with.

duncan v had to get a case before he could be photographed. i still don't REALLY believe in cases and i'm a bit ashamed that i've bought into this whole thing... we'll see how long i can handle having it on. it is pretty, though.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

whatever happened to duncan?

he was a good phone, they say...

duncan IV has done his duty, and his smasho-ed face is now resting and retired. today i brought home a new, white iphone 4, duncan V.

thanks for the goodtimes, duncan IV. if was a bit of a ass-hat move to go and shatter yourself like you did right after i quit my job, but i love you all the same.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

saved my life

okayfine i admit it. things have not been the most of awesome, and i've been neglecting the blog big time. but what am i gonna blog about? bed bugs? lame. update. there are maybe bed bugs in my apartment. but i've been being thorough and vigilant, and i'm hoping it's all gonna be fine and good. hoping. anyways. last monday a man came and sprayed my apartment with poison so as to kill the possible bed bugs. and i had to stay out for 6 hours with margene so that WE wouldn't get poisoned and killed... and margene was the best. she was so well behaved all day and i was grateful. (also it was a beautiful day. which was nice.)

she makes my life better all the time. like right now she is sleeping on my right leg. keeping it warm. look. look at her hopping about in a field.

and then we took a nap on our building's front lawn. and that was pretty good too.