Wednesday, February 29, 2012


tra la la! just a wee one....

{fall dsquared2 2012, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}

{fall danielle scutt 2012, photos courtesy of danielle scutt by way of}

{fall blumarine 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}


seashells and melancholia.

{fall genny 2012, photos courtesy of genny by way of}


envelopes. yes. that is all. (but, also, white and black and grey and wine and gold.)

{fall gianfranco ferré 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of



here's a quick for you. just cavalli. great sweaters. and so forth!

{fall just cavalli 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}


oooof! i am pooooped. and i said lots today about stuff with words. so i'll keep this one short. it's prada. so there'll be no shortage of coverage with words elsewhere.

bedazzle, fire-hairs!

{fall prada 2012, photos by monica feudi at by way of}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'alas!' said the man...

roberto cavalli. it is 2012. do we not know by now that bubble hems are the worst? they don't even look good on models, let alone anyone over the age of 14 or anyone with actual legs. no.

but, i do feel very good about dresses made from magical enchanted fish. (oh man of the sea, hark unto me..) and also, generally, giant long skirts. so. yes. there. on those. and the blazers with the pointed shoulders, although not stunningly new, are a fave. sheer sheer.

('go home!' said the fish 'she is pope already!")*

*sorry to everyone who isn't a hooper-or-directly-related as this will make NO SENSE TO YOU, but sometimes you gots to get specific up in here with your references, you know?

{fall roberto cavalli 2012, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}

earth 2, two (this time it's earthier)

remember earth 2? of course you do. it was the greatest.

(it wasn't. actually. in hindsight. but. for grade 4 me, it was. so great. oh MAN!)

if i were to remake earth 2, i would costume it like this missoni. the shades of tan and brown. the animal skins and fur and leather and knits which say cowboy and pioneer but also sultry future dystopian glamour. stone and dust and drying moss... the slight twists on current dress which read so very 'not-too-distant-future' that is such a trend in science-fiction, aka the belts worn not on the waist, but just a bit too high. (example, the reverse racerback uniforms of battlestar galactica. brilliant.) one earring. that hair. my earth 2 would be darker in content than the original. more bleak... but there would be that warm white dirty light, like in firefly/serenity... actually. this collection would work pretty well for firefly/serenity too. come to think of it.

i love science-fiction. get over it!

also that sharp blue! sort of cerulean. watery. there would probably be a whole tribe of earth 2 dwellers who dressed completely in that. pow!

(i was going to comment, too, on those great wrap-shrugs which are reminiscent of ballet shrugs, except that you  can't lift your arms in them, and how much i adore them. but i got carried away with the earth 2 thing... so. there's that. too.)

{fall missoni 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}

what it is i do to you to keep you warm

you know the joanna newsom song, right? 'candy weighing both of my pockets down...'

great line in a great song.

and that's what this marni made me think over and over. think of the sour chews i could stash in those pockets! public transit would be soooooo much better.

i am also mega-pro the fur collars, especially the plaid (PLAID!) one and the one with owl-eye-like broaches on. i do think that emma's shoes and my shoes got together and made babies (which is weird) and those babies are these shoes. right?

{fall marni 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}