Tuesday, January 31, 2012


let us step away from the fall of our future, briefly, and look to the spring which is just right around the corner!

not that we've had winter at all here. lame to the max! although yesterday there was, at least, some snow on the ground for a short while. (note. toronto. if y'all don't stop salting everything and start shoveling or at least sweeping... we're gonna have to have some strong words between us. because you are being ridiculous.)

aritzia! sent me a 'check out our spring preview' email this morning, and i was all 'okay, but i have no monies with which to buy anything, so don't have any expectations'. sigh. if i did have monies, though, this is what i would buy:

because it is a)orange b)sheer and c)great. okay! that's all for spring for now.

arms want to carry, heart wants to hold

warning. these models do look mega young. i wanted to look them up, but their names weren't listed. so i don't know how young they actually are. but. here's the thing. i love them. i love them i love them. because they look like amazing witch-lion children. they look otherworldy. the one who's lips turn up at the corners (image 1 etc.) so she is always smirking at least a little... the one who's lips are a straight line through the centre with an unbalanced downward arch on top (image 5 etc.) so she is severe and and skeptical and wise-looking... the one who is so indescribable except to say that she looks like camille cole just a little grown (image 4 etc.)... their eyebrows. yes. i am taken by them. they should all be in paintings. any one of them would make a brilliant re-imagining of my still-favourite painting of joan of arc by jules bastien-lepage. also, i do so love groupings of people. even if it is a grouping of one person. maybe even especially if it is a grouping of one person.

as for the clothes. rust and red earth and blue-black... it's like using the dead palette, just saturated a little more. the way the textures and patterns are layered, fur over pleats. smoothness over wrinkle. it's so structured but somehow quite wild - possibly because of the girls used. and, (say it with me) SHEER! lace. in such wonderful places. okay, enough with the words. look look.

 {pre-fall giambattista valli 2012, photos courtesy of giambattista valli by way of style.com}

Monday, January 30, 2012


well this is awkward... alexander wang used the same floor for both his lines this pre-season. oooof. what a faux-pas!


this stuff is so ridiculous and stellar. completely absurd see-throughness, including the last boots. ah! haha! great. weird metalics?! weeeee! men's tailoring/suiting all just a little wrong? tralalalalala! yesssssss. and tucked in hair. of course.

and the models are sooooo good too. boyish grown out pixie cut? yes. how does that look so good? no one knows. and elise crombez? (images 5 and 8...) i think i love her. i do think.

{pre-fall alexander wang 2012, photos courtesy of alexander wang by way of style.com}

saved my life

today was great! guuuys.

(whoa. one minute. kurt browning is on my tv selling red rose tea and canadian warmth... wha?! i love him.. sorry. back on track.)

i was gonna be all cranky at monday cause last week it stole my buspass, and this week it put a hole in my favourite navy tights right after i got in to the office... and THEN the woman at the bay who sold me new navy tights was a mega-downer... BUT but. but. then i went to a talk about fashion careers or some such. by sarah nicole prickett. (remember? from feministe friday? why i write like a girl? you remember.) i sort of snuck into this thing. part of a youth employment services series of courses. technically you're supposed to have done their classes to get perks like these talks. but it was all upons on twitter, and i got myself signed up. anyways. it was grand. a) cause i think snp is great. b) cause she's as genuine in person as she is in her writing, which is oh so nice to see. c) cause it reminded me about the scary insecurities of undergrad and art careers and even of working with sarah jay and wondering how and why and where and not being able to form a complete sentence about your feelings cause oh man there's a lot of feelings!

i still have a lot of feelings. (SHOCK AND ALARM!) but i feel oh so good about them, and about my choices and what i've done and where i am. hoooorayha! and it is good to have a scene like that, with all these young (or some my age, i suspect. okay. maybe one.) things who are so confused and excited and nervous and new. to remind me that i am exactly good where i am and i don't miss that feeling of insecurity or excitement at my 'boring' non-art job because i get to actually be creative and thoughtful now. weeee! right? also. how lucky was i to work with sarah jay? what a magical wonderful thing that i got to stumble into. people would kill for that job. and rightfully so. she's the greatest. truly.

but. sorry. monday keeps turning into the big-write post. the big unedited word-vomit post... and it's supposed to be about videos! SORRY! sorry.

here's your video! since i'm feeling all wonderfulgreatinspiredcomfy, why not return to our old friend who started this whole s.m.l. thing in the first place, and helped get me here.

your friend and mine. girlfriend to robots. robyn!!!

happy monday!


pow pow! graphic novels and comic books! pow!

here's what i like about phillip lim's pre-fall. squareness. comic/graphic. model being almost like a paperdoll-all-the-same. shoes in the second image (!!!). sheer skirt. sheer pants that remind me of myrtle&pearls. sheer long sleeved undershirt (and the hospital gown over top). mustard. hook-rug sweaters. and so much more.

{pre-fall 3.1 phillip lim 2012, photos courtesy of phillip lim by way of style.com}

the leaves have lost hold of the branches

prettyprettyprettyprettyprettypretty. pretty. light and trees and crispness.

in the continuation of 'things i want to wear to marc&mel's wedding', i would be just fine and dandy with either that black dress with the ruffles on the skirt OR the cinnamony silk number. okay? cool! THANKS! thanks, dior. i would also be happy if my face could always have that chilly-air brightness that the makeup artist has achieved so beautifully. le sigh.

{pre-fall christian dior 2012, photos courtesy of christian dior by way of style.com}

Sunday, January 29, 2012

les random

hey pre-fallers. here's a little pile of pieces from various collections that i wasn't really interested in writing about. but these pieces i like. so. here! lookat'um.

{pre-fall elie tahari 2012, photos courtesy of elie tahari by way of style.com}

{pre-fall azzaro 2012, photos courtesy of azzaro by way of style.com}

(i feel a bit badly putting proenza schouler in with the randoms, but i couldn't think of anything particular to say about the collection, and i know lots of people WILL have things to say about it. so. listen to them. enjoy these. jeeeeez.)

 {pre-fall proenza schouler 2012, photos courtesy of proenza schouler by way of style.com}

helpless helpless helpless

i have been sitting on the no. 21 collection for a while, and trying desperately to think of something to say that sums up the way it makes me feel.

i'm failing.


i will say that i didn't know no. 21 (headed by alessandro dell'acqua) before this collection, and i'm gonna spend a lot more time and attention on it in the future. magical? magical. i give up.

and, of course, the shadows. the heartbreaking shadows. 

{pre-fall no. 21 2012, photos courtesy of no. 21 by way of style.com}