Wednesday, April 30, 2008

don't worry, be happy.

we are here. in dublin. the lot of us. no one missed the plane. not one person. i am very impressed. thrilled, even. so. here we are!

some highlights? we got a good plane. a packed-full, over-sold plane. but a good one. with tiny individual tv boxes. good plane. good flight.

lowlight. abra and martine's luggage was left in Heathrow. not lost. just left. on purpose? my theory. martine's luggage was particularly stylish. you know. matching suitcase and carry on. in a good pattern. brown tones... and the airport, well it was jealous. abra just got caught up in the drama. but not to worry! they're luggage did arrive, rolling into out hotel just in time for bed, and causing the girls to dance and sing with glee. GLEE! so. can we really be upset about the whole thing? no. we can't.

another highlight. our bus driver is named furgus. yes. brilliant.

we took a wee bus tour of dublin this morning, with a charming and entertaining lady by the name of sadie as our guide. some gorgian architecture. a few deer. the papal cross. jokes. justin climed a tree. he did not fall out. hooray!!!

we're free for a bit (shopping at penneys - the irish version o' primark, lunch, internetting... not necessarily in that order) and then it is back on the bus and off to greystone with us. our first concert is tonight in st. patricks church.

the goodtimes are only just beginning! (and the drama? well. soon, dear friends. soon.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

and so it begins

Hello Friends. Welcome.

Today is the day. We will board the plane. Fly as far as London. Change planes (I'm betting...). And kick on into Duplin. Tada! I have a small (Very small for a month long trip. I'm proud of me.) suitcase. I have a large carry on. (Very nearly the same size as the small suitcase.) This carry on if filled with candy. We're good to go.

So. Let's have a quick introduction to the characters. There are a lot of them, what with there being 40-odd singers in the choir alone, and then the european regulars... the special surprise guests... We'll start with the principles. Ones you're likely to hear about a lot.

Abra. (Abs. Absolom.) My roommate for the duration of the Irish portion o' travels. She does a solid Irish accent. I don't. We will alienate the locals with our charming banter.

Melanie. (Mel. Smelanie. Mellie. Melsolom. Marlotron. Marlin. Marlinator. She is hogging the nicknames.) We have intentions of writing a book or two together on this trip. A choral conducting grad student and a visual artist? We're sure to be published.

Christine. (Christine doesn't seem to have any nicknames I can think of. Odd. That'll have to be remedied.) Melanie's roommate. Pianist. Very stylish. Her outfits will likely be a topic of discussion.

Justin. (Je-lay-lay. Ye-lay-la. Je-lay-la. Ye-lay-lay. J-Hizzo.) A gentleman.

Damon. (Likewise no nicknames...) Philosopher. Tall. Lover of Chess. Wishes he were a cat.

Chris Giffen. (Yes. The whole name is required.) Damon's roommate. Bit of a world traveller. He is the flunky of the house, we call him Flunky Jim.

There's a bit. More to come as plots unfolds. I'm off to do one or two last minute errands, then TO THE AIRPORT! Holy cow!!!