Monday, December 14, 2009


is it grimas yet? i'm so ready. totes ready. any time now.

hurry up!!!


the tree is decorated and the gifts are wrapped and gathered.

i made pompoms.

even greggs is in the spirit!

hurryhurryhurry. hurry!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

la fabrique, malorie, and myrtle & pearls

last week was filled with the kind of fashioney good times i dream of living every day. oh. goodness me!

my oh-so-talented friend josee put on a fashion show along with two other design talents, malorie and genevieve. it was an incredible undertaking - the first show for all three of the designers, and all self-organized/put on. and done in just over a month of planning... amazing! the show was held at Teddy's downtown, and showcased some 35 (or was it 40?) looks. on real models (thanks to mode models), with a real makeup artist (the brilliant nickol), and for reals hair-dos (by a very talented lady by the name of alecia). all this amazingness, and josee was kind enough to invite me along for a few design/prep meetings, and to the pre-show photo shoot. pretending i am a stylist is the greatest thing!

i also had the pleasure of wearing one of josee's designs to the show. and my hair was finger-waved by on miss jenna, and nickol even did my makeup. in 5 minutes in the bathroom-poor-light - the best makeup job i've ever had. holy heck. she is goooood.

i'm not gonna say it was BETTER than christmas... but it was HECKA close. and that's saying an awful lot.

many thanks to josee for including me, and to the other girls for making me feel welcome and useful. it was thrilling, and the show was amazing. so so proud of all the work they did.