Tuesday, November 30, 2010

scandal dress

i missed the lanvin launch at h&m. because they changed the date. OR all the style blogs were lying to me... which would just be MEAN! and everything (except the really expensive coats, and some of the men's wear) sold out. like. BAM! GONE! and i cried a lot and called mom and dad.

but. but! no one panic. (i know. i already did... i know.)

i got the dress i wanted! or. one of the two dresses i wanted. thanks to the internets! precious precious ebay.

thanks ebay!

the dress is en-route to me now.

and it is this dress:
(the one the girl BEHIND the door is wearing... the mistress-dress. but i don't PLAN on being a mistress in it. for the record.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

it is for real

finally FINALLY my apartment is feeling like an actual home. where things have places and go in them. and soon the grimas decorations will be going up...

in the mean time! here it is. the erin-home. check it.

where i sit to watch the tvmachine. (what i see.) also where i knit.



fire-place-zone. which contains no fire. but does contain the brothers lesage. so... pretty great.

probably my favourite corner. chris' drawing is prominently featured. with my prints. and fashion magazine stack. (and globe and mails that we've been in...)

great built-in bookshelf.

the tea-hutch.

for to sit and eat. or do crafts?

where margene will hang out when i'm out. (in the pen. which expands.)



my favourite shelves. with the colours. and the smells. in pretty bottles.

sleep-zone. jewels-zone.

part of the clothes-zone.

and that's where i live now.

Friday, November 5, 2010


oh oh OH OH! oh.

you all know how i love lanvin. (here's lanvin designer alber elbaz with chole sevigny, who i also love.)

so, you can imagine how EXCITED I AM about lanvin's capsule collection for H&M!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! here's some images from the collection. holy jeeeeeeeez! photos by stephane gallois.