Friday, January 28, 2011

my body is a hutch

how has this not been talked about more? rodarte spring collection? WOODGRAIN!

i love me a graphic pattern/print. and i LOVE furniture. and i love love LOVE these wood prints. i want my wardrobe to look like an ACTUAL WARDROBE! (not a hint of sarcasm. i really really do. really. a lot.)

and THEN. there's this one that looks like a bone china plate. which you could put in your hutch-dress! SERIOUSLY! i love this stuff.

this one is just great. independent of the print-theme of this rave-post. although. plaid. is a great pattern. weave...

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LASTLY! just in case you want more robyn in your life... i miss-labeled this photo so it didn't get posted in the robyn post. so. here! one more robyn.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

family ties

okay kids. the running hoopers strike again! here's an event my sister-and-nearly-brother-in-law in england are throwing. now i'm not gonna participate in the running bit, cause i would die, but i do volunteer to help coordinate a toronto-based-participation if anyone wants to take part. spread the word!

go here for more info, yo!

thanks to illness... ROBYN!

WARNING! if you haven't already figured it out... i love robyn. and this post has a HIGH robyn-content. you have been warned.

if robyn hadn't gotten sick and cancelled her concert in december, she wouldn't have rescheduled it for tonight, and i would have missed her. i would've been in edmonton (not tonight... then. on the first night. in december.). i am forever grateful to that sickness, whatever it was. because tonight was FUCKING AWESOME!

sorry. sorry about the swearing. it was just that good. i can't even handle it without swearing. it's true.

the first opener was natalia kills. she only did a few songs. and i have to say i'm glad... i want to give her the benefit of the doubt - there were some technical problems i think, and she didn't seem to be able to get in time with her backing tracks - but really i can't say i was crazy about her. it was kind of hard to watch. see, she had this whole costumed-character-popster-femme-fatal look going on. like. a little bit gaga. but. a) gaga is insane live. really great at dancing and singing AND playing. and natalia wasn't really. she was okay. and looked a bit self-concious, which you can't be if you're gonna go in that costumey-direction. and. b) i feel like in order to be THAT kind of performer, you have to be aware that it is all a bit ridiculous... you have to be in on the joke. i don't think natalia was in on the joke. i think she didn't know that there was a joke happening at all. so. a little tragic. to watch. at least for me. also, she opened with an acoustic version of a song. which was a BAD idea. again. gaga does this. very well. with the playing the piano, and going a bit jazzy. natalia did not do this well. bad start. (the photo is weak. sorry. i didn't figure out how to program my camera to take decent non-flash photos until halfway through diamond rings.)

but then there was diamond rings! he was for SURE in on the joke. (again, there were jokes missed... the group of stylish fellows behind me were oh so not impressed with him. and MAN did they make it known. calm down guys! this is hilarious!) i thought diamond rings was great. i enjoyed him way more than i expected to. his dancing is terrible! he wore a feathered mask when he first came on! he told us how he got his new keyboard from his mom for christmas! adorable! great! and then his songs were fun to dance to. so. success. also, i love a skinny man in makeup.

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd. robyn. oh man. oh MAN! my review is pretty much just going to be a pile of pictures, because i have a lot, because she is awesome and gorgeous and fierce. can we talk about those SHORTS? HA! denim cut-offs. off which she cut everything but the pockets and waisteband. HILARIOUS! like a wacky fanny pack/belt? i don't know what it was like. it was just great. and she went HARD! i have no idea how she danced so hard the whole time and still sang well. she did eat a banana during her first encore... good healthy eats. so effing cool. GAH! i haven't smiled that much in a long time. i was nice and close to the front - about 10 rows in, central... the crowd was great. dancing, but never shoving. singing along, but not obnoxiously or too loudly. (even the whiny whiners from diamond rings were a good time!) okay. picture time! i'm so pumped.

finally, here's what i wore. if there is ever a time for neon and sequin, it is a robyn concert. no?

dress vero moda, tights h & m (stirrup!), boots spring, and ring h & m. dog margene (since you might not recognize her because of how HUGE she has gotten).

Monday, January 24, 2011


i'm pretty sure this is the man i'm going to marry. or. at least. he'll look about like this. gosh. i hope. sweater cardigan? best ever. if you see him anywhere, please let me know. thanks.

photo from the sartorialist. of the junya watanabe fall 2011 show in paris.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

dance dance dance


holy cow. i got 8 hours of sleep. at ONCE! i can't believe it.

dance and celebrate.

which is great because it reminds me of:

time to make some coffee in my kickass new machine from mel & marc. and then maybe even a SHOWER!

happy sunday, internets.

i've been watching the prada ad over and over, and what i love about it most, i think, is that it isn't 'sexy'. they're dancing like i dance when i'm in my apartment doing the dishes and having a kickass time. and not like girls at a club or in a music video trying to look hot. so much advertising (fashion and otherwise) essentially boils down to sexy-factor. or the male gaze, blah blah. this ad says to me 'wear stripes with stripes! have an 'effing great time!' and i think to myself 'hells yes! i would LOVE to have an 'effing great time wearing my stripes with more stripes! MAYBE I'LL WEAR A BRIGHT FURRY STOLE TOO! because fashion props are AWESOME!!!'

Saturday, January 22, 2011


this morning i worked brunch and there was this amazing old man who came in ten minutes before close-time. normally i would turn people away that close to closing - especially since we hadn't had anyone for a while and were pretty much all wrapped up - but this old man was the epitome of awesome-sweet-adorable-dapper, and neither donna or i could think of asking him to go elsewhere. his name was terrence. and i thought he was aces.

donna and i got to talking about grandparents and the like. she showed me a picture of her amazing-looking grandma in latvia(?). they made a giant vat of jam together outside.

if i could do ONE THING that broke the laws of time and space, i would have dinner with my four grandparents when they were in their mid-twenties or early-thirties. i bet they were spectacular. i can only imagine.

i can't for the life of me find the picture dad sent me of grandma h with her fur and the snow... i know it is somewhere on this computermachine, but i have no idea where. but i do have this fantastic shot of grandma-grampa o. so. here you go.

grandma o flew to edmonton for mom-and-dad's wedding anniversary party with a hat on her lap. because it was a 70's themed costumed event. (as they were married in the 70's. obviously.) so. the hat HAD to attend the party. it was stellar.

update! already?! yeah! found grandma h. looking stunning. in 1949.

Friday, January 21, 2011


friday post! no real thread here... cause it is friday.

i just want some order in my life. you know? a desk. some drawers. for my notebooks. i like order. the couch-and-coffee-table are not a good desk. for one, there's a tv right in front of me. and for two, couches tend to lead to naps. maybe if i had a desk i wouldn't do things like accidentally security-latch myself out of my apartment, because i tied a bag of garbage to the security latch before going out... that would never happen. if i had a desk. because there would be order.

how do i resolve this problem? i look as desks in the internet and get jealous.

interior designingtips
cupcakes and cashmere

also, where is my weekly flower delivery?! someone should set that up for me, no?

lastly: more margene-comparison. here she is when she was first here, and then last week. not as accurate a comparison as the stairs provided, but... still pretty good. for comparing. also in the more recent photo she is sporting her hot new collar. with birds! from 2 hounds design.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

blue monday

according to mom, (according to science), this past monday was blue monday. or. the most depressing day of the year.

that explains a lot.

ooooooooooooooooooof. this week, man. i am master-champion of cranky town. i need one of them fancy full-spectrum lights. there is NO LIGHT in this apartment. or in my restaurant.

so. today. pictures of where i'd like to be right now. also. i'm painting my nails bright pink. (my bitten-off, sad-times nails.) eff off, depression!

pictures in order: urban outfitters,
tiffany walling mcgarity & john mcgarity off dripbook,
daisy by marc jacobs x2,
D&G spring 2011.


pink nails, green housecoat, blue dog. feeling a bit better already.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

balenciaga and the animal shirt

yesterday i saw blue valentine. finally. and it was great and sad and stuff. ryan gosling is really spectacular. and for a large portion of the film, he wears an eagle sweatshirt. which i CAN'T find a picture of! what gives, the internet?!

anyways. it (the eagle sweater) reminded me that i love shirts with hilarious animal portraits on them. like most things brett wears in flight of the conchords.

AND! like this dog sweater from the balenciaga pre-fall collection!

but that's not all that's awesome in that collection. no. there is much goodness. look!

i would like to be this girl. (maybe with a little less eye makeup. for me.) i love twisted leopard print. it's GREEEEEN! that's great.

like the green above, here i'm all pumped and whatnot about the RED! great colour, balenciaga. thank you!

and, of course, the magic of pattern-on-pattern-(on-patterned-backdrop).


and again, i just want to be her.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

career: catwalk

trussardi 1911's mascot is a greyhound. (mascot? emblematic animal?)

a beautiful dog walked with the closing look in their men's fall 2011 runway show.

what do you think? margene's future career? a miniature companion to the male model?

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