Wednesday, October 28, 2009

go get shot

i am almost almost over H1N1! i have been one of those lucky ones who managed to get the flu before the vaccine was available. so for the last six days, i have been doing almost nothing except whining, watching tv (both real and internet types), napping, wandering around mom and dad's, and (most often of all) re-filling my hot water bottle.

i do not recommend you get swine flu. swine flu is no fun. it makes you hurt tons. also, if you have a job which only pays you if you're there, it causes brokeness. lame!

however. i am now caught up on: glee, dexter, dollhouse, fringe, season 1 of weeds, season 5 of sex and the city, so you think you can dance dance dance (and s.y.t.y.c.d.d.d. canada), project runway, grey's anatomy, criminal minds, and gossip girl.
also: the september issue (which i watched twice, cause i thought mom should see it too...), waitress, half of synecdote new york, and rachel getting married.

AND i get codeine at night.

that is all there is to report. now go get your shot.

Friday, October 9, 2009

who to be or who not to be

halloween is super close. what should i dress up as?

karl lagerfeld?

lady gaga?

coraline's other mother?