Friday, April 30, 2010

myrtle & pearls


check out what i did yesterday!

okay. so. photos are by erin prout, and this is just a tiny tiny section of the SEVEN HOUR SHOOT we did for genevieve savard's awesome fall fashions. (myrtle & pearls is the name of her 'design house'.) oh man. oh so much fun. i can't wait to see all the photos in their final edits. it was like... really modelling! the brilliant makeup is by katie matson, and the styling is by tara gillespie. what an great bunch of humans in one room. (and thanks, too, to jon-the-boyfriend for keeping it real in the kitchen, and that superduper bruschetta pizza.)

i know. i don't look like me at all. weird. i kept freaking myself out in the mirror. ahhh! eyebrows!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stylist of the week

it is a gloomy day today. i am grumpy.

the ladies who lunch cancelled. this morning. due to illness. they're going to get together, probably, this evening. when i am busy. so. super. maybe later i'll feel motivated enough to put on an outfit, but right now i'm working up the will to shower. so. baby steps.

and. to add to the cranky. last week i wanted to write about the stylist for the new valentino campaign. spring 2010. i like it. and abra was asking me about valentino as a company and whether they were good peeps or bad peeps, and should she consider buying something from them one day. i thought she should.

but i couldn't find any info on who did the styling. it didn't say on the google machine. it didn't say on their website. but there was an 'email us' thing. so i did. i sent a one sentence email inquiring as to who had done the styling for the campaign. many thanks. best regards.

i got this back:

'Dear customer, thank you for your email.
We would like to thank you for the interest that you have with the Valentino brand.
Unfortunately, due to the extremely high volume of email with this request we receive daily, we cannot satisfy your request.
Thank you
Valentino Customer Service'

we cannot satisfy your request. aka. we can't read your one sentence. what fantastic customer service. ridiculous. maybe abra shouldn't buy something from them afterall. jerkfaces.

anyways. here's the campaign that i can't tell you anything about.

i do know that the model is dree hemingway, and the photographers are mert alas & marcus piggott.

i'm gonna have to go walk in the rain since i have no lunch foods in my house. there had better be puddles for to jump in.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

stylist of the week

i really hope when i'm a 'real' stylist, i don't have to work exclusively out of my apartment. maybe i could have an office. or something. right now my living room has been pulled apart to make room for a sewing-tulle-fest, plus bags and bags of clothes shoes and jewels. and then there's the magazines and books. open. everywhere. and in my bedroom my rolling-hanging bar is all choc a block full of tulle skirts and the like. and all my clothes are on the floor because i needed the hangers. (and they actually WERE hung up before. for reals!)

all this for one shoot. which happened on tuesday. and was the MOST FUN EVER!!! you'll get to see that one day soon. when the photos have been edited. know this much: the hair was just how i wanted it, the makeup looked crazy-fierce-good, and the clothes looked just the way i was hoping they would. so. all in all. for my first-ever-shoot. i'm pumped. and there was pizza and wine.

but. onwards. i had to work a long shift yesterday, but i did sit at the bar after (with a glass of red wine that my table left behind in a decanter... ) and read a magazine. don't worry. fashion. check mark. and. this week:

cloe legault

i really wish i knew how to put an accent (in french) on an e... cause she has one. on that first e. cloeaccent.

cloe works for a styling agency in montreal. agence satellite.
(i'm giving you the english website because i'm worried you might not be able to figure out what 'stylistes' means. (it is french for stylists.))

jeans! soccer(football) felid! stripes!

photo by led & st jacques

this is some brilliant brilliant colour use. makes me go 'ooooooooof!'

and then. how's about some black and white? super! okay.

oh. i don't know who took these. the website doesn't say. i find that weird. but. what can you do?

meanwhile. i'm gonna dress a bit ridiculous tomorrow while the ladies who lunch hit up duchess bake shop. (preview. the shoes will match the meringues.) but for now. here's the outfit i wore to try and get free clothes from holt renfrew. (i failed. getting free clothes. lame. they only lend to one guy at the journal. which is a stupid policy. ANYWAYS!) springy-spring-spring-spring. is the theme. and i'm enjoying some lovely flowers. hello flowers!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

stylist of the week

wednesday are getting a bit out of hand. man. being the only day that i know in advance i will for-sure have off work, i tend to plan toooo many things. (and this week i was actually scheduled for today, and i had to say to them 'no! damnit! no no!')

and there seems to be a tomato trend on wednesdays, too, now. today i made that chillean version of bruschetta. and i made waaaayyyy too much. so if you want some, please come over. please. i still have soup left from last week! all tomatoes all the time! toooo much.

okay. back to business. this week's stylist is...

susie sheffman!

she works for fashion magazine. (as in FASHION magazine. not just 'a' fashion magazine. you know.) she is the fashion director. so. hopefully i will meet her before too long when i get an internship there. at FASHION magazine. yes. i will...

hey chris! she's on twitter! just like you!

yes, well. she has a spread in the may magazine. and i really really really like the hair in it. like. a lot. enough to ALMOST cut and dye my hair to look like it. but i know i don't have nearly enough hair for the look to work. so i won't. (and it IS very similar to the haircut which initially inspired me to cut all my hair off after highschool and dye it white. so i guess. been there. done that. although i never did the cotton-candy-washed-out-pink. and i always wanted to. i regret not having done.) here:

photos by gabor jurina (which is a great name.)

i also really love that the shoot is titled 'the wearable lightness of being'. (chris, dad, you haven't read 'the unbearable lightness of being', i don't think, so that might not immediately make sense to you. so. there it is. it's a play on a book title. a book i really really liked.) and the parachute-as-set is lovely.

and. you may recall a photo or two on past stylist-posts of girls in boats. i am a fan of girls in boats. a big fan. one day i will shoot (photographically, not gunely) a girl in a boat.
* i just typo-ed 'boot' instead of 'boat'. and, yes. i will probably shoot a girl in a boot too. *

photos also by gabor jurina

and. just really awesome:

i can't say for sure that these photos are also gabor's, but it looks like all susie's editorials are shot by gabor. so i'll say these are probably gabor. (how many times have i said gabor in this post?)

as for fashion bravery. well. i wasn't feeling very dress-up-ey today, after a rough shift last night that made me want to wrap up from head to toe and never show any skin again. gross-disgusting-horrible-shift... so there's no outfit today. i just wore normal clothes. ish. i'll try to get an outfit together at some point this week. i do have to go try and get some clothes from holt for a photoshoot, so maybe that day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

stylist of the week

so. ummmmm. today, uh, instead of looking at magazines, i did the following:

- made gin and ginger tomato soup
- booked a flight home for josee and adam's wedding
- hired a mover to move my things
- panicked a little about the fact that i'm moving to a city i've never been to and how i have no job and and and...
- dishes party
- ate a lot of chocolate

oh. and went to edmonton fashion week... more on that later.

anyways. the moral. is that i didn't look at magazines. so i'm pulling out something i've been holding onto for this kind of a wednesday.

the stylist of all stylists. who requires no extra researching. because her work is what made me start thinking 'wow. wow. fashion and magazines can be pretty amazing... wow.'

grace coddington

there's a scene in the september issue (the vogue documentary) where she's standing in the wind in a beautiful garden somewhere after a photo shoot, talking about how she'll always be a romantic, and maybe there's not so much space for romance in fashion anymore, but that's what she is and will always be. or something to that effect. and that is my favourite moment in the movie, and maybe i cried just a little. because me too. me too! i feel like she would really love 'extremely loud and incredibly close'. anyways. i love her. she's beyond inspiring. i really hope to do things as whimsical and beautiful (and still relevant and on point) as she does.

photograph by david sims

four 'fairytale/storybook-themed' photos by annie leibovitz

photograph by steven meisel (yes, this is in my bathroom, framed.)

photograph by steven meisel (yes, that's karen elson styled to look like grace coddington. funny!)

fashion bravery! the ladies who lunch came over to mine today - thus me making soup. gluten free! delicious! but don't worry! i still had an outfit. because, as mentioned, i went to edmonton fashion week. or western alberta fashion week? something like that. fun! funny... run by a woman who's definitely had too much plastic surgery. there were four designers showing tonight. some good stuff. some questionable stuff. the first designer had the WORST models. oh man. they couldn't walk to save their lives. and really, very few of the girls could walk. made me want to open a coaching service. where i would yell at them:

'shoulders back! move your arms! hips forward! RELAX FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!' man. it's not that hard! anyways.

the outfit! man i love this shirt. semi-sheer with a black bra. (i love the inner-wear as outer-wear trend, but it does make me nervous sometimes.) and high-up-tight-hair. in this picture i am pondering: is there such thing as TOO much pink in one apartment? i decided: no. check out that cushion. i know. rad.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i don't want to be alone, my heart is yellow as an ear of corn

joanna newsom's new album - have one on me - is doing wonderful painful things to my heart. amazing things. make-me-want-to-be-this-good-at-making-art things. there are a million million lines on this album that are just soooo good. (and that's disregarding the brilliant melodies and instrumentation...) one day i would like to make a painting/drawing/something for each and every song. that would be 18 paintings/drawings/somethings.

anyways. here's a really rough drawing-sketch-thing i did and the lyrics to one of the songs - california.

my heart became a drunken runt
on the day i sunk in this shunt,
to tap me clean
of all the wonder
and the sorrow i have seen,
since i left my home:

my home, on the old milk lake,
where the darkness does fall so fast,
it feels like some kind of mistake
(just like they told you it would;
just like the tulgeywood).

when i came into my land,
i did not undertan:
neither dry rot, not the burn pile,
nor the bark-beetle, nor the dry well,
nor the black bear.

but there is another,
who is a little older.
when i broke my bone,
he carried me up from the riverside.
to spend my life in spitting-distance
of the love that i have known,
i must stay here, in an endless eventide.

and if you come and see me,
you will upset the order.
you cannot come and see me,
for i set myself apart.
but when you come and see me,
in california,
you cross the borders of my heart.

well, i have some untidy furrows
across my soul,
but i am still a coward,
content to see my garden grow
so sweet and full
of someone else's flowers.

but sometimes
i can almost feel the power.
sometimes i am so in love with you
(like a little clock
that trembled on the edge of the hour,
only ever calling out "cuckoo, cuckoo").

when i called you,
you, little one,
in a bad way,
did you love me?
do you spite me?
time will tell if i can be well,
and rise to meet you rightly.
while, moving across my land,
brandishing themselves
like a burning branch,
advance the tallow-colored,
walleyed deer,
quiet as gondoliers,
while i wait all night, for you,
in california,
watching the fox pick off my goldfish
from their sorry, golden state -
and i am no longer
afraid of anything, save
the life that, here, awaits.

i don't belong to anyone.
my heart is heavy as an oil drum.
i don't want to be alone.
my heart is yellow as an ear of corn,
and i have torn my soul apart, from
pulling artlessly with fool commands.

some nights
i just never go to sleep at all,
and i stand,
shaking in my doorway like a sentinel,
all alone,
bracing like the bow of a ship,
and fully abandoning
any thought of anywhere
but home,
my home.
sometimes i can almost feel the power.
and i do love you.
is it only timing,
that has made it such a dark hour,
only ever chiming out,
"cuckoo, cuckoo"?

my heart, i wear you down. i know.
gotta think straight,
keep a clean plate;
keep from wearing down.
if i lose my head,
just where am i going to lay it?

(for it has half-ruined me,
to be hanging around,
here, among the daphne,
blooming out of the big brown;
i am native to it, but i'm overgrown.
i have chooked my roots
on the earth, as rich as roe,
down in california.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

stylist of the week

i got some really great floral-print sunglasses today.

anyways. styling style! here's one of my favourites! and i didn't even know it.

alex white


she styles for W magazine, and she uses the model lara stone a lot. which i like. because i like lara stone. (chris and janice! that's the girl in the drawing i gave you for grimas!) lara stone is normal-sized. like. not even plus-sized. just normal! tall, yes, but normal. waist-wise. and she's been working a lot, and i think that's super super great. and she's got a gap between her teeth.

photo by craig mcdean

photo by inez vanlamsweerde & vinoodh matadin (look at that! it's a chuck close painting!)

photo by mert alas & marcel piggott (that's lara there. in the boat. on the right.)

today it was socks with heels! and a necklace with a pin right on it! and all in a nice spring colour palette. because it IS spring. technically.