Monday, March 29, 2010

stylist of the week

so here's what i want to know: why don't more stylists have websites? i mean, what is the what?! you work in a visual media... make yourself a g.d. website already!

anyways. i'm okay. sorry. about that. phew!

this week! wait till you see what i found. you're gonna be so pumped. i know, right? how will you ever wait for the next line where you find out what i'm talking about, and see the photos? how?!


yes. that's her name. she's from montreal. and she styles for Elle magazine. at least sometimes. but here's the best thing:

ahhhhhhhhhh! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! look what's she's holding!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it's an ITALIAN GREYHOUND!!!!!! i know. whoa whoa whoa. so great! so great.

photo by jean-claude lussier.

this one is just really lovely. photo by savoie/montplaisir?

okay. super-duper.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

not stylist of the week

sorry friends. the stylist of the week is postponed till later. in the week. because i have to drive to calgary right away, and i had put off packing, so i spent the morning doing that instead of looking at stylists. but i am bringing a bag o' magazines with me (to calgary) so don't worry! there'll be a stylist! eventually.

also, both my ladies cancelled on me today (wha?!) so there was no lunch. no leaving the house. no outfit. it's a shame, because there was gonna be dark burgundy lipstick today. oh well. another day. in the mean time. (MEAN!)

check out these shoes i can only assume adidas made especially for me:

(i am incredibly 'fly', as they say.)

photo from

oh man! oh man oh man!

look what arrived in the post today:

man oh man! i can't wait till i get one! probably not through the post, though. the real one. cause. dogs don't keep well in the post.

oh man!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

stylist of the week

what's that you said? this seems to be a 'woman's world'? this 'business of styling'?

well. how's about THIS!?

george antonopoulos

he's the fashion director of magazine:
he's from toronto (born and bred, as they say).
and he's a stylist! he's done work for holt renfrew's catalogues, flare magazine, fashion magazine, and MORE!

photographed by felix wong

in other news. fashion challenge was derailed this week, when it was decided that the ladies who lunch would be meeting at a home, rather than at a restaurant. so. the outfit never did make it out the door - because wearing it out to someone's house does not qualify as a fashion-challenge. no. it must be OUT out. but i was wearing the outfit of choice when the news of lunch-location was delivered. i was totally ready with the outfit. so you still get to see it! it'll just have to go out some other day. maybe even a not-wednesday-day!
hipskirt! made by josee. awesome. and hippy. and purple suede heels from the mom (from boston!). and did i mention the hips?

Friday, March 12, 2010

in case you were worried.

some of you might be thinking:

'hmmm. i don't know about this whole "fashion-thing" erin is into. isn't it all a bit shallow? isn't it all a bit girly-girl-girlpants?' (i know a certain sarah thinks things like this sometimes. sometimes she thinks i've been fashion-brain-washed.)

but don't worry. yesterday i went to homedepot to buy some wood for canvas stretchers, and i got really really excited about this:

so. i still have other interests too. don't worry.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stylist of the week

oh man. ohmanohman. are you ready for this? i don't think you are. man. this is a good one.

vanessa reid.

i can't seem to find a website for her. very strange... but. i do know she lives in paris. and works for missoni. and she is known for working with/mixing patterns. which makes sense... what with her working for missoni.

but holy cow. okay. get ready for these. ready? good.

MODELS AS OLD LADIES!!! and two of my favourite models to boot... jessica stam (who is canadian) and lily cole (who is british).

photos by paolo roversi (who DOES have a website.

(the editorial was titled 'SPENT!'. man that's great.)

fashion bravery challenge: today i wore my (mom's) 90's business pants - high wasted and short-legged - very high shoes with open toes, and a huge necklace! shiffon! pearls!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

stylist of the week

time for a big-wig.

brana wolf

she does work for harper's bazaar. and i do believe she was the stylist for versace's recent runway shows, and print and runway for michael kors too.

they're coming RIGHT OUT OF THE HEDGE!

(i'm pretty into the bralette type thing right now.)

both photos by camilla akrans.

and another thing about wednesdays: wednesdays now host the weekly meeting of the ladies who lunch - abra, maria and i. and i have set myself a new challenge for these lunches. fashion-bravery. today was the first. edmonton is a hard place to be at all adventurous with the clothings. so. on wednesdays, for lunch at least, i have to wear an outfit i'm nervous about. something i would normally put on, question, fidget around in, then take off again. no taking it off! not on wednesday... wear it! be comfortable! be brave! fashion-brave! this week: a body con dress paired with the thigh-high boots, and a sparkly turtle ring... i might maybe wear this out in the nightime maybe, but i haven't been brave enough to leave the house in it what with the daylight. but i did do. cause it's wednesday!