Saturday, December 31, 2011

ring in, ring in

new year. new agenda... my beloved red moleskines. they've done me well for the last three years...

there is much to say about 2011: mostly bad, sure, but brilliant at the end. i will try to say those things in the upcoming days. meanwhile. i'm going to try and find something champagne-like in the parental's basement. ring in 2012 quietly and happily at home with these magic people. xo.

Monday, December 26, 2011

saved my life

hey! i know this tune...

how creepy is that video?! awesomely creepy. light in the cheeks!!!

happy (HOLIDAYS!) monday!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


* hey girl! you're a moron for getting raped!


way back, when i was in munich, natalya and i went out (with a pile o' peeps from the hostel) to the hofbrauhaus. temple of beer and lederhosen. an incredibly tourist-in-munich thing to do. i had two of their giant-pints. probably somewhere around equivalent to 3.5 pints? maybe 4? a lot for me, but nothing too bonkers... especially considering the stomach-full of rich rich german food i was putting those beers into. sure, i was drunk. but i still had my wits about me. we had a nice time, and stumbled back to the hostel with one other hostel-er while the others continued to party into the night. we got a little lost, but made it home just fine. natalya went to sleep.

i went to the bathroom and cried for about 2 hours. i was sick with guilt and shame. because i'd been so irresponsible! because i had let loose a little, and therefore put myself and (much more importantly) natalya in danger. think of the horrible things that could've happened! how could i have been so stupid?!

it was not a good night.

and we all know i am a 'sensitive soul' and that i maybe feel things a little more deeply than most. but. what that night was was the product of years and years of being taught that it would for sure be my fault if i or natalya had been attacked.

anyways... the article above covers the topic of maybe blaming rapists from raping rather than blaming girls/women for being 'stupid/careless/slutty/naive'... it maybe isn't a 100% perfectly written piece, but it (and others like it recently) have made me think a lot about my own deep sense of guilt and fear, and how maybe i should start to redirect them... just sayin.

but... MEANWHILE!!!

here's something rather beautiful for you to read! about love and acceptance and gender-identity and growth and change and mothers and fathers and sons and daughters... there's some sadness in there, for sure. but if you zoom right in on the family? one of the best stories ever. wow. yes.

* i maybe cried a little at the end...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

favourite mistake

sometimes when i mean to go to, i make a typo and i go here instead:


hi! i love tinu. i keep using tinyurl even though i don't have to, just so that i can, occasionally, accidentally, visit tinu.

Monday, December 19, 2011

saved my life

it's a kimrup!
a mashra!

kimbra is back yo! mashup stylez.

i wonder if i am the leader in kimbra-blogging in north america? probably.

happy monday y'all!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

pup around the village

margene post!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! she is endlessly hilarious. no jokes. (all jokes...) man i love that dog.

Friday, December 16, 2011



stereotyping is hilarious!

(okay. sometimes. a little stereotyping is hilarious. sometimes. and. actually, generally, i do have a sense of humour. i swear! sarah can tell you! this week i laughed at my own 'gary sinise' 'bless you' joke so hard i cried. twice. on different days. even though NO ONE ELSE found it even a LITTLE funny. it was. mega funny...)

but, sigh. i'm a bit put off by the trendy new viral video sh*t girls say. ugh. i kinda really hate linking to it at all... but. ugh. anyways.

i've seen a few friends on facebook post things like 'OMG! i DO say that! HAHAHAHAHA! best!!!'
but, um, dudes. almost every one of those lines can be said by ANYONE EVER! okay. anyone middle-class-y and western at very least...
and it's not that this video is the WORST THING and i'm SUPER MAD and it's MEGA SEXIST! it's just that i'm tired of the whole gendering of everything all the time to the maximum. i'm tired of the 'you are over there and we are over here, we're SO DIFFERENT HAHA!'.

gender-essentialism boooooo!

and on that note. here are this week's pieces for to think on:

* the brits are starting to get it?

* parents being jerks. **

*thanking bowie for his gender-bending rocking ways.

i do love bowie so.

read read read my lovelies. (because boys and girls can both be lovely... and feminist!)

** oh man. so many things about these videos that make me crazy. like. dude. your kids sure are horrid ungrateful little things. i wonder how that happened?! and. um. language, children! but. that's totes off-topic. so. shhhhhhhhh. nothing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

warm glow

i've been hunting the last two weeks for a work gift-exchange challenge: a used copy of a favourite kid's christmas book. challenge indeed! see, most of the books i loved most are out of print and crazy hard to find... i had ordered 'morriss's disappearing bag' on amazon, but then instead of shipping it, the seller canceled my order after a few days. jerk. i was all in a panic.

but. oh! then! yesterday! just in time!

i found the greatest thing at seeker's books on bloor!

remember this gem?! i had forgotten. i loved this book so so so much. and the person receiving this book has a little boy and a little girl... and he's from winnipeg, so there's a bit of prairie in their blood. oh. it is perfect. i'm so so happy about finding it. i almost started to cry in the bookstore cause my heart got so big so fast...

i can't wait to be home for christmas. i can't wait. it is the most magical thing.

Monday, December 12, 2011

saved my life

oh, the national. thank you thank you.

last thursday night jeff and i were lucky enough to catch the national live at the a.c.c. here in toronto. it was an amazing show. they put on a crazy good performance.

highlights included the lead singer wandering through the crowd, his long long mic cord being passed above the heads of all the people on the floor, and right up into the 'stadium' seats. he was singing at the same time, of course. walking on seats. and. them bringing owen pallet on stage to play a few tunes with them. chills... and. a killer pair of brass players - trumpet and trombone. such a great time.

so. here is one of their new songs. (the one owen pallet played along with... SOOOOOOooooo beautifullysadly!) and also an older song with a hilarious video. sigh. thank you.

happy monday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

around home

some fall-times that happened before at bikini village.

{hey look! three of my favourite creatures!}

Saturday, December 10, 2011

holiday times at bikini village

finally! y'alls about to get hit with a few photo-posts. bikini village is in order! it is clean and decorated and photo ready! (or it was last weekend. it's a bit untidy again. maybe i'll do something about that today...)

 {we had a little drop-in thang. there was food and drink and peeps.}

{sarah jay brought me this most wonderful magic little tree! nightmare before christmas meets the grinch. sooooooo fantastic. she's the best.}

i love my home SOOOOO MUCH! finally finally finally. i feel like i am home in this place and in this city. it is the best. love love.

Friday, December 9, 2011


straight into it kids! this week is exciting. we're gonna start with something pretty big.

*hillary clinton's LGBT speech

although it makes me sad that some of this even needs saying, it doesn't change the fact that it DOES need saying. and she's done a superb job of saying it in a kind, respectful, gentle way. although she is firm in her message, she allows room for the difficulties associated with great change. she doesn't just plow through with THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD THINK GOD DAMN! what a woman. thank you, hillary. thank you tahnk you for your wisdom and courage and conviction. (i know it's a rather long read, but please do give it a good going-through. this is so so so so so so important.)

and now! some fashion-thoughts.

this week there has been some buzz about models and weight in the fashion-land. coco rocha, canadian super-model-extraordinaire, gave a speech about the pressures of the modeling world. (read it! i think she's pretty great...) and there was some positive and some negative backlash. this is a good little intro into something i've been thinking about a lot.

along with this:

*h&m cyborg models

so jacob, canadian fashion retailer, has this add campaign featuring coco rocha. and the main premise of the campaign is that it hasn't been photoshopped. hoooray! this is coco as coco is!

and i think that's super. a great start. except. there's still a bit of a problem there for me. yes, i love coco, and yes she's a brilliant and smart model, and yes she is working towards some change in the fashion-land, and yes she looks fantastic not photoshopped and hoooray and gladness! but. she is still a MODEL. she is not the smallest in the world of high-fashion models, sure. she is 'older' for a model. (i think she's 25?) but MODELS, even the healthiest among them, are not what could be considered the average body. or even, really, normal. it's not that they're these broken sickly freaks, the lot of them. far from it! i've worked with lots of girls who i would consider to be incredibly fit and healthy and that is just how they are. they work hard, sure, but they're also genetically pre-disposed to be a zillion tall and a zillion thin. like my dear brother... same sort of build. (i've also worked with girls who are clearly unhealthy, and it's super sad and tragic to see up close... but that's a whole other post.)

and there's nothing wrong with that! these thin-magic-girls. i love that shape. i admit. i'm super into the model aesthetic. but to tell little girls (or women, frankly) 'look it's a real person!' but have it still be one of those super magical few... well... i'm not sure that that is necessarily sending a perfect message either. so i'm a bit weary of this campaign, for all its good intentions.

i guess, without getting too wordy about it, what i'd like to see is diversity. unphotoshopped. give me super models! sure! but give me, too, a girl who has hips. a girl who i short and petite. a plus sized girl. a girl in that average category BETWEEN 'model' and 'plus sized' (aka me! damn it!). a girl with a giant bosom. show me what your clothes look like on those bodies. that is the dream. i guess. because there are women out there making clothes look amazing on their bodies everyday. so you can too, fashion land. i know it's a different challenge. but i have faith in you! you can do it! you're mega-smart and powerful!

okay. glad we had this chat.

oh! and going back to the h&m thing. yeah! that's okay too... make a cyborg model. but honesty. be honest about it. and maybe try to diversify your cyborgs a bit too. and also. photoshop if you want! but TALK ABOUT IT! oh man. that's a whole can of worms i am too sleepy to go into, and i'm sure y'all don't feel like reading this for EIGHT YEARS! okay. done for today!

happy friday, feminist warriors! HAHAHA!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


today is the day, 34 years ago, that my ma and my pa officially started the greatest family ever in the history of time. that sounds excessive, maybe, to some of you. but that's cause you haven't met us. we are unreal.

anyways. the family got a great start with the birth of the chris. 
the parentals, they didn't know yet that he was going to grow up to be a super cool and supportive big brother. they didn't know that he would be a crazy talented athlete. and they might have hoped, but couldn't have been sure, that he would one day build his own greatest-family starting with a tiny-human-man who would be, no jokes, the most awesomest baby born.

all they knew, then, was that he had a funny-shaped head. but they loved him anyways. and thank goodness for that. 

happy birthday big brother. thanks for everything ever.

{if you google image search brother's name, this comes up. a premonitional drawing made by some small pre-chris in scotland. he was born to love bikes...}

Monday, December 5, 2011

saved my life


another gaga-fest of dance and costume amazement! PHEW! just in time for y'all to learn the dancemoves for grimas eve...  dancing starts about 10 minutes in?

happy monday!

Friday, December 2, 2011


hi team!today is pretty busy, so i won't write much. mmmm. in fact. i can't think of anything in particular i HAVE to say.** so! just straight away to this week's mandatory readings:

* why the ladies be crazy?

* i told you, emma... spice up your life!

* happy great good news!

see? this week is pretty cheery, here in feminism. tra la la! light and fluffy and friendly! (except, maybe, for that first one... i suppose.)

** i actually have a LOT to say about siri's lack of female-related programming, but i think my brain might explode if i think too much about it. so i won't go into it. i won't talk about the sadness in my heart when i think about this 'female' 'assistant' who is made especially to cater to male needs like so many female assistants before 'her'... ... ... i won't say that it makes me sad to BE a female assistant, even though i work for awesome men, and i love my job... ... ... i won't say that i really wanna punch siri right in her beautifully designed interface... ... ...

i will simply say that if any of the people i assist needed an abortion, i would assist them in finding appropriate information. because as an assistant, assisting is what i do.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


you guys are gonna flip when you see how amazing mine and sarah's apartment looks!

we're finally having an open-house (warming) for the holiday season, which means i've finally done all the doings i had planned. and  it is bonkers bread awesome. i never want to leave here ever. i want to live here foreverandever.

pictures soon!