Wednesday, October 31, 2012

neither you nor i

things are very good in toronto. i am feeling very good and glad. but also i am very much missing home right now. and the people who are it. my magical family. i am nervous at the possibility of christmas without emma & charlie. i don't even know what that would look like. i am sad that declan is getting so big. i hope he won't be as shy as me, and that he'll always be warm to his aunt erin. i am grateful to have love so big that it hurts.

tonight i'll be roasting pumpkin seeds. and sleeping in flannel sheets (even though it is not cold enough here, and i have to leave the window open so i don't roast myself). my heart will be in the prairies, driving from farm to farm with gerry, collecting candy and drinks.

{my prairie nephew in the prairie light}

Monday, October 29, 2012

saved my life

li li li live music! i am getting outta hand with all the live music.

kimbra was great. she wore a hilariously awesome dress-tutu-thing and danced like a bandit. her drummer's hair did not disappoint. the sound mix was a little less than perfect, with her vocals not being as upfront as i would've liked. we ate skittles and popcorn and the coat check did not even lose danny's coat when it fell off the hanger. a most excellent night out.

i'm running out of kimbra music to post for you! but i don't think i've ever put this one up. a fantastic cover of nina simone. hearts for days.

happy monday. those in the path of sandy, please stay safe.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

special agent man

when i decided to dye my hair dark, i had to come up with an appropriate halloween option. i was deciding between:

audrey horne. and. an owl. 

i brought this up with roommate-sarah and because she is so smart she said: 'why not be an audrey horne(d) (owl)?'

i tell you all the time. she is so smart. so that is exactly what i did. and sure, no one got it. but it was HILARIOUS for me. and i got to do up my eyebrows like hells yeah. (i worked all day long on making owl wings, and then i was so tired from all the sewing that i abandoned the party i was at early, and didn't get a decent picture of my awesome outfit. daaaaamns. damns you sleepiness! these rubbish cell-photos will have to do... i mean. it is creepy weird in the lobby, like twin peaks. so. that's good.)

ff (fs)

there are no words, sometimes. i was trying to come up with some sort of othering joke, but i can't even. oh heavy sighs, people.

*cnn wtf

that is all. ugh.

Friday, October 26, 2012


tonight i went to the opera (atelier) and it was oh so very excited and i wore my lanvin-h&m dress. it doesn't get to go out much on account of it being rather pooofy and standoutish, but if you can't wear such a dress to the opera where on earth can you wear it?! (family christmas is where... which reminds me that we need to start thinking about what to wear for family christmas this year!!)

but in honour of that lanvin-h&m dress, here's lanvin. tada! i just want to be a lanvin girl. tough and feminine and sharp and consuming of space... one day, right?

{lanvin spring 2013, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


i love sheer and i love orange, so it is pretty much a given that i love these superlayered dresses. but also, don't they remind you of the blueberry-period imacs? mom's clamshell laptop? awwww! good times in hilarious tech design.

{stella mccartney spring 2013, photos by filippo fior at by way of}

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gilded with the bodies of the women who loved you

i want to be wherever this is. i want to live right up in there. and i most definitely want those black and gold shoes.

{albino spring 2013, photos courtesy of albino by way of}

the last

the other day in contemporary dance class, our teacher had been explaining an across the floor jumping series using a pile of metaphors. and then he said 'if none of that makes sense, just be a unicorn.'

life lessons.

{comme des garçons spring 2013, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}

Monday, October 22, 2012

saved my life meets ff

ohhey, yeah i know we already had a music video today, but this one is SO GOOD i can't not put it up RIGHT NOW. for realsies, the internets.

"You Don't Own Me" PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

hearts in my eyes.

saved my life

more live music woooo! so excited. for all the live-ness. this past weekend it was the mountain goats. and they put on a totally completely kickass show. for some songs there was a trombone and a trumpet and a saxophone i think? well. i sure did make with the crying cause when the brass section gets all harmonizy, it goes all upons in my heart.

oof. things don't go well in this video. but it is so upbeat!!

and then more stuff next weekend. and soo sooo much to do before then. let's roll people.

happy monday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

whisper what i know

the flower print. at prada. kinda makes me crazy. makes me think of 12 year old girls. and what they would put on a fancy coat if they were making a fancy coat... i mean. they're sophisticated 12 year old girls! very mature. but... i guess it is hilarious. in a way? still. i am not sure it is the kind of fashion joke i can get behind. this time. (i do quite like it in the bleedy-red one.)

{prada spring 2013, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}