Thursday, June 19, 2014

hmmmm mmmmmmm.

{mm6 maison martin margiela resort 2015, photos courtesy of maison martin margiela by way of} 

{maison martin margiela resort 2015, photos courtesy of maison martin margiela by way of}

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

oh hi

resort collection time. go!

{sonia by sonia rykiel resort 2015, photos courtesy of sonia by sonia rykiel by way of}

Friday, June 13, 2014


{dangerous skywalker lili with illustration done by lisasoul

I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS TUMBLR! can you even? you can't. i bet. truly i can't, it is so joyful, so badass, so sweet, so great.

and something else to be excited about: the curve! a new weekly panel on economic issues and feminism over at the nation started by asking:

* does feminism have a class problem?

spoiler alert: yes it does.
the discussion was moderated by kathleen geier, and made up of heather mcghee, judith warner, and nancy folbre.

lots of good moments in the piece, you should for sure read it. but. here are some snippets to give you a feeling for it.

 {from kathleen geier}
 * * *
{from nancy folbre}
looking forward to more from this panel.
happy friday, dangerous skywalkers!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

today i read

* ron daniels, responsible for six-figure student debt, receives honorary law degree
by naimh harraher for now

that first graduate mentioned there? with the button and the courage? that's my roommie, it is! i, too, was sporting a yellow button on friday, as were sarah's parents whom i had the privilege of attending the events with. and when sarah gave the valedictorian's address that same day - which you should totally listen to because it is a power-house speech, at the 16 minute mark, below - i cried for pride. for her and for her classmates whom i love so. these remarkable smart, kind, fierce, brave, considerate, passionate, resilient, hopeful, strong humans. these bold humans. oh man, i love them so much i could just die.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

today i read

a new thing i'm gonna do here! pick the best thing i read from my collecting things-to-be-read-aka-instapaper. and then tell you. the blorg. what it is. in case you wanna read it. too. it is like today-in-tabs except instead of summarizing all the things i will not summarize and only give you one thing. and i won't email it to you. you'll have to come get it. here. but. you know. you get it. (i'll have original content again for you one day... one day.)

today i read:

the racism beat - what it's like to write about hate over and over and over
by cord jefferson

Monday, June 9, 2014

saved my life

omg guys i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo buuuusy.

ha! no. i'm not. i'm, like, normalbusy. or maybe even less. probably less.

but after being so very unbusy i was almost so very unalive, having stuff to do is SOOO GREAT! and also, whoa. hey the internets! i guess i don't have all the time ever for you.

well it is only my first day as a subscriber, but it looks to me like today in tabs is totes gonna be all upons with the life saving, now that i'm not queen of the webs. this rusty foster character boils down the day on the internets, all those tabs you should be opening and reading, but, duh, who has time, you are just gonna close them at the end of the day and feel like you FAILED at being informed about pop culture, feminism, politics, adorable things, and so on and so on. or. jokes! a snippet of today's:

oh and also, remember tab? remember when they brought tab back and me and cynthia loved it but then they took it away again? i know, right?

also: pink.

happy monday, real humans!