Saturday, August 24, 2013


okay! well. sorry about yesterday. i know. that doesn't cut it. all y'all feminists, so hungry for my news and thoughts. (you are a thing, right? you exist? shhhhh... don't shatter my happy bubble.) this morning a friend of mine on the facebooks posted a piece and his thoughts on it are aces. here:

* response to peeps hating on her character (and her) by breaking bad's anna gunn

"It makes sense to hate a TV character because they're poorly written or work against the thematic fabric of the show, or if the performer's portrayal is bad. I mean it doesn't make SENSE to actually have violent real world HATE for a made up person, but you know what I meant. But man if you want Skyler White to shut up and die (or you're particularly psychotic and have ceased to distinguish between Anna Gunn the actress and her character) because she's some killjoy who's "emasculating" the central character and pooping on his badassery, then you don't understand the show you "love", or how to follow a story, and have been publicly dismissed by Breaking Bad's creator as a misogynist. Congratulations thanks for playing. Preaching to the choir, I know, but this wife hate is super gross. I haven't been this ashamed of a fan base I'm in since Buffy fans were attacking Amber Benson about her size, which I was thankfully late to the party on and only read about. Amber Benson also felt compelled to publicly address it. Guys actresses shouldn't feel so attacked that they have to defend the made up people they play. That's super weird." 

so big-ups to ryan hughes. thanks for that. and yeah. that is super weird, guys. don't be like that! okay. back to saturday!


sorry dudes. there be peeps all upons toronto!! so all i have for you is:

down with putin, up with poutine!!!

thanks to emma for that one.

happy friday, siblings.

Monday, August 19, 2013

saved my life

okayfine. this is everywhere. but it is pretty grand. i do so love this song. so so. (and other jolene-songs as well. a nine pound hammer.)

happy monday, flaming locks of auburn hair.

Friday, August 16, 2013

saved my life (cheats)

so i ff-ed on monday, and i know that was for last week, but i have been having a hard time a lot lately, and today i just decided i don't want to engage. no, no. sorry. weak-ing out this week.

plus. this song. has been trying to kill me. it is everywhere. creeping out of everything. (just like the bugs. haha.) every web page i go to everywhere is telling me about majical cloudz. i get it, everything, i get it. i should've put this on here ages ago. sorry. sarah jay just found a 2 of diamonds on the ground, and it is that kind of a night. we are going dancing.

happy friday, whether your skeleton be out or in.

Monday, August 12, 2013

ff saved my life

ohhi the internets. you may have noticed there was not a feminist friday post this week. i got confused cause it was a short week after the long weekend, and blah blah, friday was all upons me like whoa.

but check it out! today is a double feature! because the following invention is basically one of the most savingest-of-my-life thing i could stumble across. and most certainly falls into the totally-awesome-for-women category. HOORAY!

* cups and straws and so on that tell you when you've been dosed with GHB.

ummmmmm hello this is the BEST THING! oh MAN aren't you so happy?! i am SO happy. it ALMOST makes me want to run to the next frat party and go craaazzeh except, no it doesn't, ewww, why would i, no.

but. really effing awesome science. yes forever.

happy monday, partyheads.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

saved my life

long weekend! you did it! you rocked! chilling. resting. picnicking. coconut-drinking. cartoons. new friends. roommate-joking. bike riding. wine. dog-cuddling. SLEEPING IN!

and today i registered to take up diving again in the fall. eeeeeeeeeek! haven't done it in... mmm... 14 years?! ish?! i am. so. stoked.

happy monday, short-weekers.

Friday, August 2, 2013


here's the what you can and cannot do in chile if you're 11 years old.

*you cannot consent to sexual activity. (age 14, although you won't have full sexual autonomy till you are 18.)(not thrilled to be linking to wiki, but the penal code wouldn't open on my computer. and. spanish. i even asked a research librarian about it!)

*you cannot drink alcohol. (age 18.)

*you cannot drive a car. (age 18.)

*you cannot adopt a child. (age 20, or between the ages of 25 and 60 if married? i'm a little confused on this one.)

*have a job. (age 15 with parental consent, 18 otherwise, and 21 if you want to work in an underground mine.)

*you cannot run for president or the senate (age 35), nor can you be a deputy (age 21).

 *you might be able to go on this rafting trip, maybe... (age 14-15 is recommended.)

*you can still fly on the child price with iberia! (age 12 up is adult fare.)

okay, so maybe some of those are not so big a deal... maybe i'm getting off track. ANYWAYS!

*you cannot have an abortion. (trick! no age restriction. no one can. not for any reason.)

what you can do in chile if you are 11 years old is carry your rapist's baby to term and raise it up as your own, and most especially, you can be praised by your president for your depth and maturity in deciding to do so.

as if you have another option.

as if you are actually capable of comprehending the reality of having a child. 

as if it isn't horribly, sadly, tragically childlike for you to say "It will be like having a doll in my arms"...

so, just putting those facts out there.

BUT DON'T WORRY! i don't want to leave you going into your weekend with such a sads. so.

YAYYYAAAAYYYY THIS IS THE BEST! i love this idea. and i love a commercial that SHOWS TAMPONS! like. not how to discreetly hide them so you won't be devastatingly ashamed cause your friends now know you ARE A WOMAN WITH A UTERUS?!!! hilarious and glib and charming and great. excellent work, helloflo.

happy friday, campers.