Thursday, February 24, 2011

like a weed

oh no! it keeps happening. margene keeps growing! you wouldn't even believe it.

i forgot. how small she was. but i was looking at the christmas pictures. oh MAN! she was small.

time for another puppy-compare!

yes. she wears the coat that emma made her. every day. on our walks. like a real dog. (a real dog who sits down and shakes every time another human walks by... and gets really really paralyzed by the sound of squirrels.)

Monday, February 21, 2011

saved my life

i've been trying to think of a new 'regular feature' for this here blog, now that stylist of the week is long gone. i just haven't felt like writing about other stylists. is that bad? i don't know. but! fear not! new feature. or. featurette. mini posts. thing of the week. thing-that-saved-my-life of the week. because there have been a lot of little things lately that have made my life SO MUCH BETTER!

this week!

kimbra. KIMBRA! she wants to settle down. and i might just play this on every first date i go on from now on.

kristel is here (which is also saving my life) and we have been talking a lot about songs we wished we'd written first. this is FOR SURE one. a pop song about wanting to get married and have a kid?! FOR REALS?! yup. no jokes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

ghost tights and the colour wheel

fashion is confusing. yes. i know.

because right now it is the last bits of winter. and some days it even feels almost like maybe the beginning hints of spring. and the magazines are all filled with the springtime fashions. great! but then, those of us who follow such things, are all wrapped up in the future-fall shows, and getting all romantic about winter and it's wear all over again, but, of course, not what we're wearing now in our present-non-romantic-winter... the beautiful amazing can't-wait future-winter. it's exhausting.

but. anyways. fall shows 2011! new york. wish i was there. wish wish wish. instead. look at me! i've spotted a trend.

silver-blue-grey. and. orange!

YES! i love colour opposites and their pop-iness. i'm super pumped on this colour trend. let's look at two shows today! (yes! let's!)

luca luca.

it's all skinny black tree branches covered in hoarfrost, and the bleary-yet-crispness of a REALLY cold morning in edmonton. like, say, when you're getting up to go in to a studio class and listening to tom allen on the cbc in the car and it's barely light out. it's like that. for me. sort of... and the ice blooms on the north saskatchewan river (the tufty dress?! yes.). and hoop skirts. too.

(and then, for a moment, it's all BAM! with the brightness. the orangeness...)

in my imaginary career, this is what i wear to my imaginary office.

this last dress is the first of a series i will call SMABOO GETS WED! i will be bridesmaiding this coming summer for my lovely abra-friend, and we're to choose our own black dress. and i want long. so. here's an idea. except maybe not in that fabric. what with it will be august. and all.

and now. on to...


ghost tights! and. some architectural pieces (or are they chain-mail joan-of-arc-y?). and nuts-and-bolts bracelets! pretty great, no? yes. and of course, orange eyeshadow. right up in the corners. of the eyes. which is like a less evil white-witch-in-narnia. you know? yes. (i was, in general, less in love with this show. less of it made me go 'AAAAAAAAHYYEEEEEEEAAAH!'. but that's okay too. not everything can be my favourite.)

i kind of hate what's going on on the bottom here, but i do love the top.

all photos from

Monday, February 14, 2011

day of redness and LOVE!

happy valentines day, yo. i have to serve tables tonight, and i gotta say i'm not pumped about it. here's hoping there's minimal dramas. ugh.

but! meanwhile. red! (and blue.) here's a little smidgeon of thakoon fall 2011 from NYFW. (oh MAN i wish i was there. how how how do i get myself into those shows?) remember when thakoon was that sweet young thing in 'the september issue'? all new and breaking out? well. look at him now! he's available at the bay's the room alongside proenza and christopher kane... in the hip-cool-young-folk section, i suppose.

i really like these coats. i want the second one. just think! i'd never ever get lost in a crowd. not ever. i love me a loud coat. also. we all know how much i love red eyeshadow. (yes. we all know. even if you think you didn't know. you did. somewhere deep down.) maybe i'll wear red eyeshadow to work tonight. it's a great alternative to red lipstick, which is hard to maintain. edgier, too. i already have red sparkle nail polish on... ANYWAYS! focus.

photos from
okay. have a good one, romance-heads. enjoy your flowers and chocolates and so forth.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ri ri

dancetimes thursday night!

yesterday a co-worker at fressen played me the new rihanna (s&m) and was all 'ooh oooh! the video is gonna cause a stir! oh it's SCANDALOUS!' scandalous dance times? i'm in!

(remember how scandalous christina aguilera's 'dirrty' was when it came out? man. i do.)

so here it is kids. get yourselves scandalized!

truthfully, i don't know that it's all THAT scandalous. more like a caricature of scandal. (how many times in one post can i say scandal or a variation of the same? many. many times.) the banana eating might be just a bit too obvious, no? but. i REALLY like it when the journalist underlines 'SLUT!'. also. i really want one of them prada scarf/stoles. please? PLEASE?! (and is that puppy-man perez hilton? yes. yes it is.) finally, i really want some pink candy popcorn now.

go dance, yo!

margene in boots

oh no! i'm posting videos of my dog on the internets. what have i become? i want you to know i was just going to email this to FAMILY, but i couldn't because the file is too big. so here it is... you're welcome, the internets.


margene is working on her leash-skills, and i thought maybe we could try an outdoor-walk tomorrow. but first we had to practice with the muttluks. she did pretty good, except she didn't have the powers of stopping or speed control. everything was just fast and largely out of control. hard wood is a tricky thing.

she is aces. now she is super tired out. and her paws are quite warm.

and. here's a picture of her chewing stuff. which gives her hilarious eye-wrinkles. like a stressed-out old person. man! did i ever laugh before margene? i laugh ALL THE TIME now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


my mom was here. but now she's gone. which is totes sad.

see, i have the best mom of all the moms. most people, when i told them my mom would be in town for ten days, and sharing my bedroom with me for many, made terrified faces. like. 'if MY mom were up in my space like that, i'd go BANANAS!' well. that's a shame. because my mom is way too awesome and ten days wasn't nearly enough. sigh. not only does she clean up and dog sit and buy groceries, but she also listens to me whine about not having enough monies to buy a house in toronto ever ever, and puts up with me napping a lot. also, she is good at jokes.

anyways. i miss my mom.

here are some things that happened this week. photo-stylez.

we did a creative! oh. feels good. here's lauren. our photographer.

dogs on set! margene getting up in the model's grill. (the model is tea. (not like the beverage.))

here are the awesome clothes we pulled. lots and lots of clothes.

mom was on puppywatch.

model checks out some of the picks.

what i wore on set. dress from winners. i cut out the tag way back, and now i don't remember the brand. h&m tights. nine west socks. deena & ozzy boots @ urban outfitter. mom's belt (which i stole ages ago). feather earring by myrtle and pearls.

hangin in the ROM stairwell. (more on the ROM another time. like. about the paper dresses!)

a lightly neon day. h&m tank. zara blazer. talula pants @ aritzia. cooperative booties @ urban outfitters. kenneth cole purse.

mom and i went to the CN tower and ate in the rotating restaurant. oooo la la!

looking, looking.

after the CN tower, we made drinks and played cribbage.

mom bought me new pillar candles. cause mine were all burned down. everything is illuminated!

okay. well. i hate to bring up glee. but. has anyone noticed how awesome brittany looks now that she gets to wear real clothes? she looks awesome.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

flare vs. fashion

it's a canadian magazine editorial-off! flare and fashion both shot the stella mccartney lemon shirt in their march issues. (my elle canada hasn't arrived for march, so... we'll see if they're in on it too.)

who did it better?

for fashion:

styled by susie sheffman, photographed by gabor jurina

for flare:

syled (edited...) by elizabeth cabral, photographed by max abadian

the photos aren't quite as crisp as i'd like because i haven't got my scanner set up yet. but the idea is there.
on the whole, i much prefer the flare editorial - there's a great two page shot of prada in profile that is really serene - but i'm not sure which i prefer if you just take these two pictures. hmmmm. obviously very different attacks on the garment. i like how moody-subdued the flare is. but i ALSO like how INYOURFACECOLOURFULL the fashion is. i mean. look at her eyeshadow! tricky.

but, much more importantly, i wonder if i can convince anyone that my sugarbowl is made by mccartney. yeah?