Monday, March 28, 2011

saved my life

just some pictures from real life today...

flowers from mom and dad (via-mel), bath and shower gel from sephora (free gift!), incredibly accurate portrait by emma, margene and a cup of licorice tea.

happy monday everyone. toronto fashion week starts today. i might be taking in a show or two... here's hoping!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

today (yesterday)

it is the very end of my birthday. i am about to go to bed.

but here's how today started:

fur coat and bacon! up good and early, i made a trip to loblaws to buy a breakfast of champs! and JUICE was on sale! pineapple-guava-passionfruit!

also today:

dancing and celebrating.
gummies and preserves.
scarves and fringe bottles.
flowers and cake.
dog walking and sun.
dinner and jokes.
hendrick's martinis and an orange dress. (which you will learn more about soon enough.)

and so much more. thanks: parents, siblings, friends, puppies, universe...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

panthercats!!! PANTHERCATS!!!

givenchy fall 2011.

panther freaking cats!

and irises. of course.

AND! iconography. and easter colours.


seriously, though. what an excellent set of options for easter mass. which is coming up... sooooo... (sure, sure, the line won't actually be AVAILABLE for this easter. but. ummm. maybe i could rock it for the 6month easter-iversary? please?)

photos from

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

let's all go to the opera!

badgley mischka fall 2011.

teal! fucsia! glamour-grandma-pantsuit! and. cape-back sleeves!
also, i'm pretty into the texture combos. sequin with velvet , wool and lace... and so on. i want to go to the opera and the ballet in this.

photos from

Monday, March 21, 2011

saved my life

holy cow. for real?

dali and disney.

plus... it's officially my birthday week! celebrate good times!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

bright white light

it has been pretty lovely here in toronto the last few days. spring, i believe, is setting in. and thank goodness for that! (sorry edmonton folks.) my apartment is crazy dark, what with being a half-basement and never getting any direct sun due to a too-close-neighbouring-building... and i've been going a little crazy functioning in a perpetual dimness. (and the fact that i can't take a decent flashless photo in here to save my life... blarg!) plus the bathroom light died a zillion years ago, then was repaired ever so briefly, and then died again immediately. so i've been in the dark there. and two days ago the ONLY highly-functional (bright) light fixture in the whole place popped in some sort of power surge, and hasn't worked since. darker and darker!

but yesterday mel, margene, and i went for a long walk in the crisp sun, and then sat outside to have a coffee. and it was delightful.

and today, i'm saying goodbye to the fall/winter desktop:

and hello to a newer, brighter screen existence:

now all i need is a desk and life will be GRAND! (also, a birthday-parcel arrived in the post from one emma-in-the-uk... so that's exciting! less than a week now!)

all that being said, now i'm going to say a quick something about some more FALL FASHIONS! (but they're shot on white backgrounds, so it's okay.)

tess giberson.

there was a lot of black-on-black layering, which was hard to read in the photos... but there are a few things i really like. like. orangered! (although i would belt it at the waist. for me.) and. sheer as a bottom layer.

and. willow. (by kit willow. which reminds me of the muppets... willow, tit willow, tit willow.)

i like her take on suiting/the tux. and. mountie pants!

the above five photos are from

Saturday, March 19, 2011

time to say goodbye

i am terrible at letting things go. i infuse so much emotion into every object and action, that nothing is meaningless. nothing is disposable. i can still tell you about most objects i've lost in my life - like the stuffed cat i got from gloria for my first communion that i left on the playground one recess at picard, and never saw again - and i still feel sad and guilty and achey as i'm telling you about them.

i realize it isn't normal.

which is why i have to make a special effort to do away with things. today i am saying goodbye to two things. and honouring them here on the blog. so they won't be too sad about being let go.

scottish hot water bottle.

i've had a lot of hot water bottles in my nearly 27 years. like mini-bottle-from-dad-for-grimas a few years back. and stolen-from-mom-sometime-blue-bottle. but scottish bottle is probably the most special one. of all the ones. i bought scottish bottle pretty much first thing when i arrived in edinburgh.
firstly, it was a killer bottle. with one completely smooth side, and the other not-too-ridged. for maximum heat potential. i burned myself pretty good on scottish bottle. i had a massive, blotchy red welt on my lower back the whole winter and most of the spring that edinburgh-year.
secondly, scottish bottle was with me through one of the coldest and hardest winters of my short life. not only could i not afford to heat my apartment (and thus had scottish bottle with me pretty much 24-7 when i was home), but i also spent a lot of time feeling far away and lonely and lost that winter. it was dark. i was far far far from the people i loved most. and my life plan was collapsing around me. scottish bottle was a good friend as i lay curled up in my duvet trying to figure out what on earth to do with myself.
fine, i'll say it. when scottish bottle finally gave out just after grimas this year, i cried a lot. and maybe i'm crying a little bit now as i'm writing this. or. a lot. i mean, i've had the dead thing kicking around my too-small apartment for about two months because i haven't been ready to write this very post, and i couldn't throw scottish bottle out until i did. (i say once more: i know. this isn't how normal people feel.)


roberta the nose ring.

my nose has been trying to eat roberta for about a year now... she just keeps sinking in. and most people don't realize i have my nose pierced at all. except when i explain that no, that isn't a booger falling out of my nostril, it's my nose ring's corkscrew slipping out. again... so. i've been wanting to let her go, but also not wanting to regret my decision because i don't take piercings well and i'm NOT about to change my mind about wanting a nose ring and have to start over. no! but like letting my belly button ring go in scotland, i feel like roberta isn't an important part of my look anymore. she's run her course, and i've loved her for many years, and now i'm ready for a metal-free face.
i got roberta sometime around 2nd year university. i was doing a 'globe-al' mascot gig that day, and cynthia jones was assisting me. (it was the father's day event that was run at northlands horse races... for the record.) i can't remember if we went on the way to the job, or on the way home, but i do remember that i didn't tell mom and dad. cause i was so mischievous like that. badass. roberta was a great addition to my face, and i loved having her around. even if, sometimes, she got caught in washclothes and really really hurt. i'll miss you, roberta.

okay. done. letting go. ugh.

also. in the same spirit. sort of. i'm letting go of my obsessive, controlling nature. at least with regard to my eyebrows. new project! growing in. the eyebrows. no tweezing allowed. (except in the middle. that's allowed.) i'm doubtful that they'll grow in in a desirable, full, sort of way. but i'm going to try. i'll keep you updated. as they get all unruly and whatnot.

finally. because all of this is wearing me out. (and i'm listening to joel plaskett, which is also pretty emo-causing...) here's a lighthearted picture of margene and i sticking out our tongues. taken a little while back, when i could still fit her in my hoodie.

Monday, March 14, 2011

saved my life

saturday night i went to see janet jackson live. what?! i know. she was fierce, i gotta say. more on that soon. but. meanwhile. when i got home, i tuned in just in time to catch the last of saturday night live, and the musical guest. jessie j. hadn't heard of her before. here's her performance.

i like the somewhat old-school-jazz-soulfulness of her voice. pretty solid. and that bodysuit is stellar. finally, emma. did you notice her hair? have you cut yours yet? cause. she's got a very good thing going. with the cleopatra, but longer on one side, and with the little bits cut in at the cheekbones... see? maybe?

okay! happy monday.

Friday, March 11, 2011


as promised, margene in her cone.

it was a tragic time. the combination of being hungry (she wasn't allowed to eat from midnight the night before, and then still for another few hours when she got home from surgery. rough.), and slightly drugged, AND the cone? too much for the poor thing. she moved very slowly. and ran into a lot of stuff. it. was. HILARIOUS! (she perked up after a few hours and even figured out how to carry toys around. don't worry.)

and now she's all recovered and cone-free, and running around like a bandit. here we are playing 'chase-the-puppy-till-she's-tired-enough-to-sleep-through-part-of-the-night'. a quality, 2am-ey kind of game. (it is worth watching the blurry-shaking-about for the last few seconds where she's all grin-panting. like a REAL dog!)

usually i get real real tired and give up on trying to wear her down. emma, chris... when are you gonna make good on your promises to run with this thing?

p.s. she is huge now. she weighs 9.7llbs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

maximus boots festivus

holy cow holy cow holy cow.

alberta ferretti.

BOOOTS! these BOOOOOOTS!!! velvet. and. electric colours. and brocade? and grey and soft.
and then there's the 60's-esque lightning print. and all that saturated colour. and then the sheer and softness and shine and textures. oh man. great show. great stuff. i want the whole lot. all of it.

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