Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the top-est knot-ed

oookay fine. i still have lots of fashion for you even though it is the olympics. but i ain't talkin' about it! NO TIME! must go watch diving of some sort.

{bibhu mohapatra resort 2013, photos courtesy of bibhu mohapatra by way of style.com}

Monday, July 30, 2012

saved my life

the olympics. that is all. get off the internet! unless you are watching sport!!!!

{the bestest best part of the opening ceremonies, photo from time magazine}


Sunday, July 29, 2012

bloody mary

this sort of feels like a disaster. the first few images are all 'haha! you're doing it wrong!' in a way i quite like as a person who can't ever style outside the lines cause ORDER!

and then even when it is tidy. there's something shaken about it. like what my grandma would've worn out on the town in her late 20's if she was a bit more dissatisfied and a bit more drunk.

{chris benz resort 2013, photos courtesy of chris benz by way of style.com}

Saturday, July 28, 2012


okay rando.

first. acne. that hat? NO! no. how many times must i tell you no?

second. the model for vpl? how awesome is she with her older, fitness-y body? so great. so not a 12 year old girl!

okay that's all. lookyloo.

{acne resort 2013, photos courtesy of acne by way of style.com}

{osman resort 2013, photos courtesy of osman by way of style.com}

{vpl resort 2013, photos by bill durgin courtesy of vpl by way of style.com}


what i will say is:


and now i must excuse myself to go run in circles weeping joyfully and waving my arms with abandon because this is a glee which cannot be contained.

(and if i were forced to say more i would say: double peplum military jacket, bitches!)

{altuzarra resort 2013, photos courtesy of altuzarra by way of style.com}

Friday, July 27, 2012


olympics edition!!! holy cow olympics.

okay. so. there's this documentary that aired about female weightlifter zoe smith and her teammates hannah powell and helen jewel. and some people on twitter were ass-hats about it and were all about how they weren't very feminine or they were probably lesbians or that they should go back to the kitchen.

and zoe smith wrote this super great thing on her blog about it and i smiled lots.

yay i love it!!! haha! that's part of why i love the olympics so much. physical achievement, guys! what can these bodies of ours do if we work hard enough? AMAZING THINGS!!! and it isn't about looking seeexxxxyyyy (although, damn all that muscle definition sure doesn't hurt on the eyes). it is about strength and skill and overcoming mental hurdles and physical hurdles and yay yay yay!!! i love it. i love it i love it. so excited i might explode.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

mommy and me

when i think of diane von furstenberg i think wrap dresses and prints and making people like my mom cool. but this collection is pretty youthful. it might even probably make me cool. like the honeycomb sweater?! and the first egg-speckle suit. and this is good, too, cause my mom is too cool anyways.

{diane von furstenberg resort 2013, photos courtesy of diane von furstenberg by way of style.com}

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

straight edge

these girls are very serious, so don't you dare joke around. fashion is not for jokes. (except it is. shhh. it is for the best jokes. haha. how funnygreat is that leafygreen?! keepiitsecret!)

{jonathan saunders resort 2013, photos courtesy of jonathan saunders by way of style.com}

we are not

a day by the sea? a strange painted construction? i love it.

{tsumori chisato resort 2013, photos courtesy of tsumori chisato by way of style.com}