Monday, August 29, 2011

saved my life

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking:

a) man, i want another kimbra video!
but you're also thinking
b) but there's no way another video can stand up to the other kimbra videos... so maybe i don't want another kimbra video.

well... you're right. and you're wrong.

BAMMO! KIMBRA'S BACK!!! (lead male played by grandpa(nobleotto)old?)

don't even freaking get me started on how happy this makes me. she makes me. PUNCHING THE AIR!!!!!!

happy monday.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

cono for sure!

sometimes i think this blog has an attention problem. or... a focus problem. 'i'm a travel blog! i'm an art blog! i'm a style blog? i'm a FASHION blog! i'm a complainey blog!'... and now, just for now 'i'm a wine blog!'. or. sort of.

i love cono sur wine. it is from chili, and it is cheap and all get out, but it is GOOD cheap. like. best by far of the bottles consistently under $10.00. better, even, than many of the $12-$15. bottles. if you're gonna be cheap about wine: drink cono sur. i am especially a fan of their viognier.

well! the other day i went to buy myself a bottle of wine at the local LCBO, as you do, and it was like a tiny miracle of wine wonderful when i found this:

first! i've never seen a cono sur 'reserve' label before... so. that's already exciting. i've also never seen a cono sur rosé. second. it was all by itself. in with the whites. from australia. there wasn't a price tag for it there (of course. this ain't italian!) or in the actual cono sur section. there wasn't a spot for it in amongst the 'vintage' wines... where did it come from? nobody knows. and the label is a bit battered. and a bit dirty. like it's been through some stuff, you know? like it really had to go through something to get itself out there, on that shelf with the australian whites. (yes, sometimes i personify the struggles of my bottles of wine. sometimes i personify every object i am near. sometimes i have a hard time controlling my emotions in response to inanimate objects and their hard hard lives.) ANYWAYS! battered. cellared? who even knows. third! check out that label! really look at it! how good is that picture?! the shadow of the bike being the primary image?! the 'actual' bike being the underline to the shadow?! brilliant. well played cono sur.

and fourth. i went to the till hoping it would not be a million dollars (or, over $15.)... and, lo! it was $9.99!!! steals of deals! mystery deals!

so. i haven't cracked the bottle yet. i have no idea if it'll be good or not. maybe it'll be sickly sweet and gross. but already it's the most satisfying bottle of wine i've bought. so. who even cares?! not me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

saved my life - extra special for real

today was my first day at my NEW JOB!

which is pretty much the best thing, cause a) i'm pretty poor after a few months sans restaurant and b) THANK GOD I'M NOT RESTAURANTING ANYMORE!!! i mean. i maybe will never ever have to hustle for tips again! i am an executive assistant now. so there!

here's some awesome inspiring office (?) fashion for you and me.

photosare: donna karan spring 2010 campaign, aldo spring 2010 campaign, akris spring 2010 campaign, clean living shot steven klein in vogue march 2010, holts spring 2009 catalogue, coco sumner shot by rankin in elle uk may 2011, suburban girl shot by donat in zink fall 2009.

and. bonusimage! (did i mention my new boss has two italian greyhounds?!)

from elle canada august 2011.

AND. of course. what i wore on my first day.

happy monday.
(and in the continuation of less awesome, loving thoughts to jack layton's people. the canada people... heavy sighs. heavy hearts.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

for suze with love

i just discovered that an old and dear friend passed away yesterday. suzanne elizabeth abele and i sang in mads together way back.

it's hard to say much of anything and not say something that feels too trite or insignificant right now. she was 27, and everything the news and facebook is saying about her: funny, bright, kind, witty, talented, warm... she made me laugh so hard so often. i haven't seen her in years, but i thought of her often, wondering what magical things she was up to. she will be very very missed. readers of the irishdiet, please send as much love as you have to her family.

suze, the top head, at rob and connie's wedding, where she was a hilarious and awesome runway-walk student.


Friday, August 12, 2011

saved my life

i was in saskatchewan where there is no internet. so. delay!

one day when i'm not bridemaiding maybe i'll upload the video margene and i made for this same song. but. this one is pretty good too. shoulders! the drums in this song make me REALLY GLAD!!!!!!

happy not monday. FRIDAY! even.

Monday, August 1, 2011

saved my life

remember this one?!

there was a lot of gwen-talk yesterday, and this particular song came up twice. a classic, you could say.

happy holiday monday!