Monday, November 28, 2011

saved my life

this weekend ruled. hardcore. it was a champion of a weekend.

there was an 80's party. there was dinner at a fantastic AND hilarious german restaurant. there was watching of 'another earth', which is really great and you should see it. (that brit girl? she's impressive. wrote it and starred in it, and is... um... about my age. sigh.) there was lots of relaxing and good company. there was a hilarious video of a polarbear. (WATCH OUT!!!) there were eggs and there was toast and there was coffee (including eggnog coffee in the shower).

and this morning? this morning my boss brought in the leftover birthday cake his wife made him. carrot cake. with homemade cream-cheese icing. and it was a layer cake with MORE CREAM-CHEESE IN THE MIDDLE!!! how is that not the best monday ever? it is. it just is. i ate that for 11am snack instead of my usual half tea cup of almonds. i maybe also ate a second piece for my lunch... screw you pasta salad!

and this week is gonna be nutso, but in a great sort of way. planning and scheduling and organizing. all good things. much business.

okay. anyways. to the real point.

this week's video! is so smart! this is how i see music. pretty much exactly. reading music? bah! not a thing! it doesn't make sense to me like this does. if you gave me a starting note, and told me to play along with the viola part i could. no problem. pretty much first time. it's brilliant!

the soft edges around the brass?! AHHH! VISUAL! i love it. and of course this particular piece always makes me think of the funeral scene/opening of beethoven lives upstairs. so. also wonderfully nostalgic.

okay puffins! happy monday!


Friday, November 25, 2011


guuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyys! guys. really. guys.

twice in the last few weeks i have gotten myself pretty worked up and shouting at friends. i'm not normally one for shouting at friends. unless it's about food. cause i do feel strongly about food. BUT. yes. the yelling.

first time was because i was having dinner with three friends - two ladies and a man - and the man was the only one who would allow himself to be classified as even a little feminist-sympathetic. um. wha? these girls. they are smart. fierce. funny. bold. sweet. passionate. driven. open. FANTASTIC WOMEN! and they, apparently, are anti-feminist. i tried to explain that, actually, i don't think they are. i think they just have an ill-advised notion of feminism. but nay. there was shouting and i got so mad and sad. sigh. LADIES!

second time i was shouting at a feminist man who said that any reasonable intelligent human would willingly classify themselves as feminist. right? NAY! i say! i mean, i WISH! but. see shouting-one! they don't. they don't because we are told that feminism is scary and gross and means having bad sex and being whiny and annoying and hateful and angry and blah blah. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

sooooooooooooo. the moral is. a) give your heads a shake, people! and b) friday is now feminism day. 

you had better read these articles, blog-readers. i will be one mega-pissed blogger if you don't. THEY. ARE. IMPORTANT! so seriously. read them. READ THEM OR ELSE I WILL SHOUT AT YOU! (read them because these people are maybe better at writing about feminism without using so many CAP LOCKS! and being articulate is good. too.)

* why boys should be taught about feminism!

* hey penn state... what gives

* secondary education... in sexism!

also, just, you know... to say. i have been getting cat-called and whistled at from cars since the age of 14 at least. probably earlier. and. in highschool there was a guy (who was one of the sweetest guys in school) who thought it was totes hilarious to slap me on the ass. one time he did it so hard that i was slammed forward onto a desk, bruising the crap out of my hipbones. he laughed, looking at his red palm, and said 'shit, that hurt!'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! these are just a few examples of the CONSTANT displays of sexism that i have barely registered as being things because there are so so many of them being things all the time, and really they're nothing compared to the terrors of abuse that so many women experience. so. HOOOOORAY!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

hip hip


i've had a job for three months! and that means my probation is over!

today i had my unofficial 3 month review-lunch. and it was great AND delicious.

and i love my job. and i love my life. and i am a happy girl. because.

i have health benefits!

i have a salary!

i have cool and fun and kind and reasonable co-workers!

i get to do little logistic problems!

i have room to grow!

i get to plan a christmas party for kids and go present shopping for TOYS!!!

i have a great dog! (that lets me do stuff like this:)

i had an awesome ladies date this week with some of my favourite ladies seeing an amazing movie!

i have been spending time with a really cool dude!

i cleaned my kitchen last night and it is a magical dream!

christmas is on it's way!

and this morning when i woke up, this is where i was:

{it's a rubbish photo, but come on! i couldn't disturb the puppy! my left arm was under her, too. awwwwwwwwwwww.
i stayed in bed an extra 20 minutes because it was just so awesome. and i still made it to work on time! blamo! hazah!}

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

fash on

wooop woooop wooop wooooooooop!

i have so many magazines and journals and so little time!

how is a girl expected to read all these things and still walk her dog? i have subscriptions to: flare, elle canada, fashion, toronto life, canadian art, and the globe and mail which is giving me FREE WEEKDAY PAPERS! not to mentions the single editions i've picked up in the last while. love, zink, onethatican'tevenrememberthenameofwithgoldlettering... my magazine SHOULD be here by now, but isn't. (grrrrr! arrgggg!) and i'm reading 1Q84. and my roommate just got her copy of worn in the post which i'm sure to peruse. i am not made for this much reading! but i do love it... sigh.

oookay. but. i did crack a few of those magazines this last week, and flare! may i say? two kickass editorials this month! check these out!!! (the scans are kinda rubbish... sorry. not doing the pictures full credit.)

{first editorial fashion edited by elizabeth cabral and photographed by chris nicholls}
{second editorial fashion edited by fiona green and photographed by chris nicholls}

yes yes YES yes! horses and eyebrows and birch trees! and crowns and texture and greyhound statues! yes please! yes! phew! i'm pooped from being happy about these.

Monday, November 21, 2011

saved my life

don't ask questions. just go see this.

i want to see it again. and again. and again. but also not ever again. but then also everydayallday.

also i am feeling glooms this monday. so. it works. glooms monday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the villain is gossip


it's two of my favourite humans!

talking to eachother!

tavi interviews josh whedon for her online-feminist-for-young-women-magazine, rookie:


(seriously, though. best. ever. these two are champions. and. champignons. yay geometry!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

saved my life

this week is a super special double birthday edition of s.m.l.!!!

first for papahoops! happy birthday on thursday! watch some sci-fi and maybe go for a run! eat some cake!

AND! for our very-soon-to-exhist newest hooper! BABY HOOPER! welcome to earth, baby hooper. chris and janice, i suspect you'll be watching lots of this kind of tv soon!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

happy monday everyone! and happy births to all!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the tragedy of me

heavy sighs my friend.

things are rough.

see. here i am sitting at work. eating smarties. and i don't even really like smarties. i don't NOT like smarties, exactly... but they're pretty low on the list of candies that i'd go for if i had the choice.

i wanted to get a kitkat. from the box of leftover halloween candy that dale brought in to the work kitchen. i got up specifically to go get a kitkat. but when i got to the box there were only about 3 kitkats left. and maybe 2 coffee crisps. and, oh 3 or four aeros. and there were about 8 smartie boxes left.

and lame old emotional unhinged me... i thought:

'poor smarties!'

so even though i wanted a kitkat, i took some smarties. cause i didn't want them to feel bad about being the least favourite of the leftovers. being a leftover in the first place is hard enough, i'm sure, for a candy bar.

sigh. sometimes i think i'm broken.


check out these tarts jeff and i ate the other night!!! they were from frangipane in my old dupont-hood, and they were FREAKING AWESOME!!! lemon meringue and what was supposed to be brandy-pear with frangipane, but we suspect was actually something-apple and frangipan. but who cares! it was delicious. the frangipane is really what mattered most. so. great work! eating is the best.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

silver and sequin

the december issue of elle canada arrived in my postbox yesterday, and i am rather excited about it. i love me a holiday magazine... and the cover is super-great. reminds me of one of my fave flare covers from wayback in 2009 with daria. looksee! (i think i like this elle one more, even. i do love alana zimmer...)

and also. here's me with my new glasses and also my new wallpaper and also margene liking my face.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

just a little

one of the biggest problems i have is that there is SO MUCH that i want to know, and there is just not enough time in the world for me to know all of it. so instead i watch tv...

well, the other day i remembered this brilliant series published by the oxford univeristy press:
very short introductions!

oh how i love these books! i own the ones on postmodernism and poststructuralism. and i can attest that although they are a short introduction, they are not a simple introduction... this shiz be thick, yo! i believe dad can say the same after wading through the modern art title.

these are brilliant in so many ways. one. there are a zillion titles to choose from! okay. not quite a zillion. i think there's just over 300. but more being published all the time! and the titles are all over the place! you wanna learn about kafka? sure! hinduism? okay! dinosaurs? chaos?! you betcha! or perhaps:

and then! also brilliant because they are BEAUTIFUL! what a fantastic and lovely idea for covers. i want the whole set and i want to fill one entire bookshelf just with them, and call it an art installation. sigh.

anyways. here are some titles i'm particularly interested in right now:

  in other news, my cold is getting a lot better and i feel almost like a real girl again. yesterday i did all the dishes and cleaned my bathroom! best. saturday. also i got new glasses this week that i'm mad crazy about. pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

saved my life

um, hello please?!

my sister made this.

like. all of it. the music. AND the video.

pretty amazing.

happy tuesday!