Monday, March 31, 2014

saved my life

it is the last day of birthdaymonth, and what a birthdaymonth it has been. thanks, everyone, for being the best. here's a fellow with a real nice voice for ya.

happy monday, cake for everyone.

Friday, March 28, 2014


don't be that guy.

but seriously. don't be that guy.

this week i've learned that some people i know and don't hate consider themselves MRAs. which is veeerrrrry disappointing. because men's right activist is not a catch-all for people-who-think-that-there-are-issues-that-affect-men. yesssss there are issue of gender inequality which affect men. if you read/learn feminism that ISN'T written by MRAs (feminazi, gag, vomit, punch, scream, i hate that term so much, i can't even) you would know that feminism does consider those issues... the hyper-masculine-ideal-culture ain't good for many/most people. duh. fucking duh. MRAs are a hate group. is every single MRA a piece of human garbage? probs not. some are probably relatively well intended but immensely ignorant to their privilege and the realities of gender politics. but, well-intended or not, aligning yourself with them is supporting their baseline which is: anti-female, hateful, aggressive, harassing, disgusting. it is like saying that you are a white supremacist, but, like, you aren't a racist. come. the. fuck. on. i was exceedingly kind to these people-i-know-who-call-themselves-MRAs. i gave them a reeeeaaal benefit of the doubt, gentle, polite, considerate kind of conversation about why they might not wanna be linking arms with these groups. i didn't go into the absurdity of reverse-sexism and the fact that hetero white men are not exactly lacking for platforms. consider that my good deed of the month. what i wanted to do was submit them to a fear-campaign where their private information gets published and dispersed all over the internet to people who hate them just for existing and having thoughts, i wanted to drown them in hateful, violent, name-calling and threats, i wanted them to be publicly ridiculed and harassed at such a rate that they think 'fuck it, i'm too scared, to sad, too tired', except, oh wait, that's not feminism's m.o. that's some other group's... but don't just take my word for it. educate yourself, yo:

"It is a backlash group against women's rights and feminism. Other backlash groups include the KKK and "white pride" who wish to reverse the rights of blacks by arguing that white people are oppressed. Similarly, MRAs want to abolish women's rights by lying that men are oppressed. Also, groups like KKK have been known to support violence against blacks, and MRAs are known for their support of violence against women. Both groups argue that blacks and women should stop "whining" and that racism/misogyny are not real."

* urban dictionary does a good job of breakin it down, as quoted above

* the belle jar sums up nicely why MRAs are garbage

* the american prospect points out that MRAs are harmful to men too, duh

* lots of info and links and so on here

happy friday, all y'all scaaaary ladies.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


{emanuel ungaro pre-fall 2014, photos courtesy of emanuel ungaro by way of}

Monday, March 24, 2014

saved my life

ah snap, another girl i love with grey hair, shit, this is gonna have to happen, isn't it. we'll talk more about that soon. HI! birthdaymonth is going real real good. and it is THE WEEK now. HI 30! I'M ALMOST YOU!

happy monday, let's dance!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014


 {anita hill, photo from here}

oh hi! read this!

* why anita hill's testimony about sexual harassment still matters

this is an in-my-lifetime story, which is crazy and exciting and sad and hopeful and and. i should know more about it. i am stoked about the documentary. 

happy friday, 90's hairdos.

Thursday, March 20, 2014