Friday, March 20, 2009


there is a little wee show on while i'm away at the circus space near my flat/school. i did a drawing for it. it was a bit rushed and random, but. well. here it is!

deliver it quietly

anyways. i'm going to canada now. or. in a few hours. see you there!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

storydrawings - for reals

come see our show! it goes up on sunday. at the tea tree tea in edinburgh. just off lothian. i won't be there. but you should go all the same. and have a coffee or tea. it's nice! i even cut matte board.

(we made bookmarks. thanks to justin for photoshopping them so nicely.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

ship(ment) of dreams

after talking to one zillion (or ten...) delivery/courier companies, and being re-directed/rejected by them all, i finally found someone willing to carry my oversized parcel to London even though i didn't have an account with them.

bless you, interparcel, bless you.

and so! my hopes for fame and fortune - or at least a free dinner in London with the portrait world elite - are crated up and ready to be picked up and carried away to the BP portrait award committee in the big ol' city. it should arrive there sometime tomorrow. wooop wooop!

thanks, too, to max, the workshop technician who so kindly offered to make my crate, and then did a bang-up job of it. and i mean bang-up as in awesome. not as in he beat it up and put dents in it and the like. that painting fit in there like a glove. fits on a hand... a well-fitted glove.

check out that beauty!

now if everyone could please hold their breath and cross all crossable things until April 10th when the decisions are made known to us applicant-types... great. super. thanks!

*** post-note. painting is now delivered. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ***

Friday, March 13, 2009


some of the things and stuff for my show with justin: (mostly done... a little in-the-works.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

getting back

into the studio post-travis-visit. i ship my BP portrait award painting to London this week... eeeeeee. everyone cross your fingers.

meanwhile. drawings! some time next week, before i go home for easter break, justin w. and i are putting up a show of drawings at the tea tree tea (not a typo, tea gets in there twice). so i need to get lots of drawing done. here are a few:

two mads, one.

two mads, two.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Third Wheel

organizing a show of 41 grad students is hard work! but i'm very pleased to say that on friday of this week, we opened our show successfully, and packed the gallery right full.

third wheel was (is) the interim show of all ECA MFAs - that means two years worth of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture students all jammed together in one. and only four brave students trying their best to get it all together with very little time. i was one of those four students. it was mayhem. art students have a lot of ideas - usually conflicting - and are not very good at communicating those ideas or listening to other's ideas. whoa. arguments. fights. i spent a lot of time just trying to be sure things were peaceful.


-resetting the show at least four times before we could all agree on it and make MOST people MOSTLY happy.

-no heat in the gallery. i spent the better part of four days in that building. with no feeling in my fingers or toes.

-one tiny little lady being soooooo unhappy with where her sculpture was (because there was a PAINTING behind it that people would SEE while they were looking at HERS... rant rant rant...) that she threatened to pull her sculpture if we didn't move it - all this on the day of the opening. apparently compromise is something not everyone understands. 41 people! for gods sake, compromise is necessary!!!

- everyone looking so lovely and pretty at the opening, and laughing and smiling because it was all finally dealt with and done, and it looked great.

and very best of all - i finally learned all the names of all the sculpture students AND got to see examples of everyone's work. which was beyond grand.