Wednesday, October 30, 2013


what are some great things that i love? political satire... lorde... canada...

NAILED IT, this hour has 22 minutes!

hot damn, that's good work right there. all the high fives.


the ny marathon is this weekend, woooo, go hoopers. see y'all soon. sports-fashion!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

saved my life

abra visit over, and i'm sicko and tired, but happy. it was a wonderful weekend with my loveliest girls.

and cyndi lauper. live. she is something.

happy monday, now and theners.

Friday, October 25, 2013


this week! good faith conversation! it has been a pretty decent week on the internets. wha?! i know, weird. at least on my end, i was part of and/or witness to some good debate on various subjects where people were reasonably kind and respectful and humour-ful and that is so nice! we don't always have to agree, yo! we can still be friends.

after last week's double x podcast exploded my brain, i am pleased to be directing you to a slade podcast that i expected to explode my brain... and instead was pretty great to listen to!

* the gentleman scholar chats with anna holmes (founding editor of jezebel)

jezebel can be real hit and miss for me, and i often find them to be aggressively inflammatory without being helpful. not always, certainly. but. a flawed site. (omg, a site that isn't perfect?!) and i didn't know the gentleman scholar (troy patterson) going in, but i was suspicious as i so often am about men giving advice on the internets.

but they did good! they struggle sometimes with getting their ideas formed or clearly stated, but they approach each other with good faith. and oh man, is that nice to hear! give it a listen. tell me what you think. where did they hit and where did they miss?

happy friday, friendlies.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


so it isn't related to this collection, but i can't stop listening to hyperballad. i go through all this before you wake up... ooof that song. meanwhile. eyebrows.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

saved my life

did you vote yet? you better have voted. if you have voted you may enjoy this tune. (or if you're not in alberta you can just go ahead and listen to it, cause you ain't got no voting.)

happy monday, citizens.


{iveson chan super fam}

it is such a great day in my hometown, oh man! it is ELECTION DAY!!! i wish i still lived there just so i could be a part of don iveson's super super exciting campaign for mayor. what a guy! i know that guy! so cool. so pleased and proud that my parents got up and involved in canvasing and flyering on his behalf. also, calgary is having an election. too. if you live in either get out and vote. voting is the most fun. if you happen to have not looked up where/how to vote check out the links below. eeeeeeeee!

vote edmonton!!!

vote calgary!!!

civic engagement is soooo hip and cool!

Friday, October 18, 2013


this week emily yoffe, aka dear prudie, wrote an exceptionally idiotic and irresponsible piece of victim-blaming drivel about girls and drink culture and rape.

i'm not linking to it cause, ew, dude, you don't deserve the traffic. i found it because they had her on to talk about it on double x, the slate so-called feminist podcast. i can't even begin to express my 'ugh' after listening to that bullshit episode.

i'm not surprised that people continue to write stupid ass pieces about rape being, really, kinda sorta, ohi'msorrytohavetosayit, alittlebit THE VICTIM'S FAULT... (but she's not 'victim blaming', she continues to shout at the internets.)

what surprised and sickened me is that double x talked about the piece as if it was: something new. like. OMG has anyone ever noticed that sometimes ALCOHOL is involved in the sexual violence perpetuated against women and girls?! and, WORSE YET, has anyone ever noticed that high school and university experiences often involve IRRESPONSIBLE DRINKING?!

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that shit. sorry, but seriously. i'm not a journalist. i don't have research standards to meet. i don't have an editor reviewing my work... and yet i have been able to locate hundreds of hundreds of facts and statistics on rape in the US and canada. i've linked to a whoooole pile of them throughout my time feminist-fridaying. i'm also a baby-feminist. but in these few years of being concerned about the cause, i've managed to get a solid education about rape culture. so if you're going to get paid to write about rape culture, put in some goddamn time, do some fucking research, or shut the hell up and stop spewing your toxic pearl-clutching babble. what do you think you are doing to the girl who was raped when drunk? or the girl who was raped even though she did 'everything right'? what is the value of your 'advice'?

i've never been raped. yay me.
i have been completely and totally irresponsibly intoxicated. maybe even more than once!!! i went to unchaperoned parties in high school and university. i met strangers at parties or bars and i made friends with them or flirted with them or ignored them. one time when i was, like, 16 or 17 i went to a boy's house in the middle of the night with a few friends and we hid in his basement goofing off and flirting and our parents didn't know. i made mistakes and stupid choices and took risks.
but i never got raped.
because i was lucky enough that there was never a rapist around. when i was doing those things.
or when i gave rides home to people. when i lived alone. when i had new friends over for parties. or old friends... or stumbled home drunk and alone at night after a gallery opening in edinburgh. or not drunk and not alone, but still, you know, a women with my oh-so-rapeable bits just being right out there in the world.
i didn't get raped cause i wasn't with rapists.

so fuck you for implying that i somehow did something right that some other girl did wrong. or that i'm *lucky* to have made it through those experiences safely. just. fuck. you.

*just a reminder of a really GREAT campaign talking about rape that i'm so proud came out of my home town... just a reminder that talking to the ones who are making the rapes happen are the ones who we should talk to.

and once more for emphasis, fuck you emily yoffe. and shame on you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


presently i am trying not to die of all the tired, holy hell. BUT ANYWAY. fash. i'm not gonna lie, i was not very stoked on the alexander mcqueen resort collection, so i am oh so relieved that i like this collection. phew! i was nervous. that red? it is the mcqueeniest red. very good.

{alexander mcqueen spring 2014, photos by marcus tondo for by way of}