Saturday, January 30, 2010

o tod, wie bitter bist du.

RIP Gregor 'greggs' Hooper
c. Decemberish, 2007 - January 30th, 2010

today our dear toadly friend, greggs, passed on quietly in his terrarium. it can only be assumed that he had reached old age, and was happy to go on to his place in the heavenly basking pool. (seriously. i didn't kill him. he had water and worms and everything...)

my lovely gregs, you will be well missed. you were a wonderful pet these past few years.

you were awesome and climbing. and also hilarious when you tried, but failed to be awesome at climbing.
your night-time chirping was super cute. (remember that time you scared emma? that was great.)

that time you killed Emile wasn't AS nice. but you couldn't help your slightly sociopathic nature. and he was REALLY skinny, after all.

you were also really good at 'hiding' under the fake plant. i almost always found you, which i think you allowed for, knowing that it made me happy. good man. oh, and you were a champion hopper.

sorry about that time i moved to scotland and left you with mom and dad. i bet they didn't talk to you as much as i did.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

stylist of the week

whew, dad! don't panic! it's still wednesday for 32 minutes...

here's a stylist who is awesome AND canadian!!! she was born in calgary! and does a lot of work for FLARE magazine. some of you may recognize some of her work from your grimas 2009 gifts...

zeina esmail

(she is represented by the plutino group. they're a toronto-based firm. maybe one day i will be too? represented by them, that is. not be a toronto-based firm. although i hope to be toronto-based. just. not a firm...)

i've chosen some white images. cause we all know how awesome white-on-white is.

photo by: ishi

unfortunately, the internets didn't give me any info on who took this photo - or where it is from. i'll keep looking...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

stylist of the week

wooooo! welcome back to good times with people i am learning about and loving!

zink magazine. man. it's got soooo many good stylist. and it seems most of them are based in new york. here's another one who did some work in the fall issue:

julie brooke williams

you all like the outdoors, right? so does julie! she's done some really great shoots in the wilderness. such as:

photo by nicolas routzen. trees! picnic tables! bird cages? yeah! bird cages!

and what about?:

photo by jimmy fontaine. seriously! a boat! it's all lady of shallot, except more coutourey.

okay, yeah, she does photos inside of places too. like. in studios. or. at parties. or pretend parties in studios. the moral is: she is good.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

are you awesome to the maximum?

my friend josee and i are chatting about doing some cool-times style blog type features. maybe.

and i wonder:

do you know of any edmontonians who have great/unique style? do they have cool homes/living spaces? are they just generally really awesome?

if you think of anyone who might fit in with the above, let me know!

rad times every which where for everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

stylist of the week

today is the day! fashion day wednesday! yes, i know. it's your favourite day too.

zink magazine has a whole lot of stylists. here's one of my favourites from their fall issue:

holly copeland.

check out the editorial shoot 'one night in paris' (under editorial 1 on her website...). it's pretty darned special. unicorn horn hat? yes. washed-out jewel tones? yes. boobs? yes. awesome. here's one of those photos (but not one with boobs. sorry.):

photo by jodi jones - equally awesome.