Friday, May 28, 2010

moving day

where the movers be at? they were supposed to be here 9ish, and now it's 10ish, but i think it is the kind of appointment which is, in fact, a several-hour-window. i hope. since otherwise, maybe they're not coming...

i'm just, you know, kickin it at jeanette manor, waiting for the movers to come take away all my stuff. i had cold pizza for breakfast (awesome!) and i would very much like a coffee right about now. or a nap in the middle of the living room floor.

what with the quittingmyjob-emmaintown-artshow-fashionshoot-victoriaweekend-chrisandjanicemarried!-packingmoving, i'm a bit, you know, behind on stuff like BLOGGING! so for now. here's something to terrify you. (it sure did terrify the parentals.)

here's SOME of my shoes. some. no flats, sandals, or boots, and some of the heels have been packed too. so. some:

also. here's a hilarious photo where emma has a camera for a face. and i have on my awesome new josee dress. rad. to the maximum.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

stylist of the week

oh. hi. sorry about last week... i spent all day wednesday on a patio drinking beer with natalie o'donnell. and i got a sunburn on my right arm, right leg, and right side of my nose. oh, but i did go magazine shopping before the patio! i tried to find the newest 10 magazine. i didn't find it. but i did get a copy of 'the gentlewoman', and i did make friends with the guy at hub cigar.

so. sorry about that. (the not-writing, not the making friends with the guy.) also i had a cold. continue to have. excuses excuses.

moving on!

lucy ewing

she does some work for 10 magazine (above mentioned, even!), in london. so i'm told.

a nice sunny set of photos to celebrate all this sunny

photo by jane mcleish kelsey

is it a bird? no! it's a model!:

photo by robert wyatt

photo by paul wetherell

seeing as i didn't post last week, this is a double post. of sorts. because... i did a photo shoot this week! it was rad. and i'm pretty excited about it. here are some 'behind the scenes' shots. (i can't wait to see the final product!)

okay! NEVER FREAKING MIND!!!! i've been compressing images, and trying to upload for tooooo many minutes and now i want to punch blogger in the face. BUT IT HAS NO FACE! so. i guess you'll have to wait for those. because i might smasho my computer machine if i don't stop now.

oh SURE! you'll upload the fashion bravery outfits, huh blogger?! that's how's it's gonna be?! FINE THEN! (here i am last week. short shorts and a ghost shirt - by josee.) also a trench i put on cause i thought it was going to be cold out. but it wasn't. it was hot. really hot. (this week i wasn't very fashion-brave. i was toooo tired with the cold. my shirt is a fairly bright orangey-salmon colour, but i don't think that counts.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's hard to be a family

i watched 'where the wild things are' today. (2009, directed by spike jones, and adapted from the book by him and dave eggers.)

it is really beautiful. and it is really smartly handled. i think. there is little to no of the 'explaining of things' that normally comes with children's movies. i'm not even sure i'd call it a children's movie at all. i am putting it in the category of things which make my heart hurt because they are beautiful and honest and a bit tragic and a bit triumphant at the same time... a category which includes 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genius' by eggers of course, and more recently 'extremely loud and incredibly close' by jonathan safran foyer... and and and.

anyways. go see it. rent it. cry a bit. be glad.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

stylist of the week

first things first!


okay. next. this week i don't know if i would call her a stylist, a photographer, and/or an artist... but. i like her. a lot. and that's what matters.

viviane sassen

these are magical and great. (the above balloon-photo is also hers.) all of these images are from a shoot for POP magazine in 2009. look for the woman with no legs! just like those great paintings in the jubilee...
* i looked closer, and it appears this shoot is styled by our old friend vanessa reid, of models-as-old-ladies-fame. good partnership, these two. *

fashion bravery:
well. edmonton. it is may. and it snowed. of course. i love edmontonians because they're all SO SURPRISED when this happens. even though it happens every year. or maybe every second year... but i can't say i'm shocked by snow in may.
fashionwise: time for spring dress to meet winter dress. flowery light dress meets fur coat and wooly socks!

please note. these shoes are quickly becoming my top favourite shoes. deena & ozzy from urban outfitters.