Sunday, October 31, 2010

paper faces on parade

now that it is out... here are some behind the scene shots from the masquerade shoot!
the decor in the restaurant was really cool. especially the lighting. check it!

and. paws for the cause! dog fundraiser. awesome. puppies in fashion. check out the event photos on facebook. there are pictures of the awesome dogs. (and after sarah and i went for nachos.)
here's sarah and i with tiyana (next to me) and maggie, of the style section a-la globe!

and here's sarah and i with philip sparks, a local designer. event photo by marcus kan.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

sports blog

okay kids. ya'll love writing about your sports and your racing and your training... here's my workouts this week.

both my jobs (styling-job, serving-job) are pretty much 100% on your feet. more often then not carrying things. and hustling. and (at least for the styling-job) squatting and standing and squatting and crawling and bending and... and this week i worked the following hours between the two jobs:

monday 7 (plus all-night food poisoning)
tuesday 13.5
wednesday 14
thursday 11.5 (plus attending a dog fashion show event)
friday 9.5 (plus hosting bookclub)
saturday 7.5 (plus i'm off to carve pumpkins shortly...)
(approximate anticipated hours) sunday 8


71 HOURS!!!!

so pretty much i walked-ran-lunged-hopped-crawled for that long this week.
i'm not saying that i'm hardcore. i'm not bragging...

but i'm pretty hardcore. and i am bragging.

but (again) it was a GREAT week because i was doing some really great things with some really great people (which i'll write all about later), and by about thursday i no longer felt like my lungs were collapsing, and it is just pretty exciting, all of it!

also, my legs are sore.

Friday, October 22, 2010

things in the post

this week i got some pretty awesome-amazing stuff in the mail.

i got.

a photo album from janice and chris' hip-and-cool wedding!

fingerless hand warmer/gloves!

a wolfy coat by genevieve savard!

one of those things i was expecting and pretty excited about. the last one. because. well. i'd ordered it. but the other two things?! totes surprises! awesome great smile causing surprises! the mail is great. and so is my family. and so is genevieve savard. (check her out at there is a dinosaur on the webpage, so i'm pretty sure you'll like it. and my photos don't nearly do this awesome coat-sweater justice. it might be the coolest piece of clothing i own. it might be cooler than me.)

thanks to all post senders! (and thanks, too, glove-sender, for the art-mag-renew. that is very nice. and i am very very happy about it.)

i was going to write a bigger post about how i got to go to runway shoes for toronto fashion week on monday thanks to my awesome style-boss, and how it was soooooo awesome and fun, and how i sat next to blake mcgrath (choreographer on sytycddd canada) and so on and so on. that was on my to-do list today. as i had a day off. my list was:
-buy groceries,
-clean house while watching tv,
but instead i felt my cough-sick-face-ness coming back again, and i got angry and sad and dizzy and went to the emergency room to have a chest x-ray instead. so that took a while. but. i was triumphant! because it turns out i DO have a mild case of pneumonia. and i'm not crazy. and that's why it's been around for FIVE WEEKS. anyways. i didn't have as much time for blogging as a result. but. i have antibiotics. and. i got the following things for free at fashion week.

also, next saturday (not this saturday as i had thought) the 30th of october, there will be yet another team sarah jay photo shoot in the globe and mail. and oh man. it's a good one! i'm pumped to see the photos. i'm pumped to show you the cool pictures i took of the venue where we were shooting. it was hecka cool! so much cool. but that'll have to wait! so! ummmm. wait!

Friday, October 15, 2010

meet margene

i visited john-the-breeder yesterday. and i got to see my not-any-more-puppy ravenna. she's good. don't worry. you'd never know by looking at her that she has a broken leg. she was jumping around. she was all alert and cheery. she will have a lovely life out there in the grimsby area.

and my puppy! my this-time-it's-for-real puppy! her kennel name was waba waba (due to the sound she makes when drinking milk...) and her new name is margene. and she is the best puppy on earth.

she was born the day i visited john-the-breeder for the first time. she was in that litter that was almost born while we were there... she is one of only two pups to survive that birth. tough thing. and she is exactly what i dreamed my puppy would be like. silver-blue (true blue in breeder terms) with white paws and a white chest. and a crick in her tiny tail.

she should open her eyes sometime around monday. exciting! and john-the-breeder will be sending me photos of her every week so i can watch her grow. super exciting! she'll be coming to me around the 20th of november.

in the meantime. check out this add i helped style a while back... for chaz condos. if you look very carefully in the lounge scene (around 1:53) you can see a cream-coloured blur in the background chatting with an ambiguous male-shaped blob, and that cream-coloured blur is me! me as an extra. hilarious. also. please note that the earring the girl is wearing are mine (and i never got them back after shooting... arg. i should contact the model.) AND the keychain she carries... mine too!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


today today!

today i visited john-the-breeder. i visited him and his puppies.

first of all:

i saw 2 day old puppies. holy cow.


there was a mom-puppy in labour... sadly she didn't give birth while we were there. cause that would've been FREAKING AWESOME!


what the what?! i picked my dog!


it isn't EITHER of the ones i thought it would be.

nope. i was charmed. completely. by ravenna.

who knew? don't get me wrong. sofonda and utopia were AWESOME. (utopia STILL hasn't opened her eyes. which is great.) but. ravenna was just right. she's going to be a smaller dog, and she's not toooo dominant, and she's not toooo shy. just a good balance in between.

she will be coming my way in about 2 weeks! so i have to prep the house and decide on a name. i have a few... oh man! this is hecka exciting.