Monday, November 26, 2012

saved my life

hooooooooray! rob ford got the boot! hooooray and joyful noises!

hahahahahahahaha. that's great.

also great is the fact that there are only 22 days till i go hoooome for grimas. (my faux-advent countdown!)

love love love.

great work, noah and also the whale, too.

happy monday, city of gaiety.

tomorrow you'll be worlds away

dearest future me:

soon you will have a day when you are feeling so many feelings. the nighttimesads and the anxietyattacks (or as aleena heard, the unsexyattacks). and when you do. remember today. remember how today is one of many practically perfect days. how you have a magical body that does magical strong things thanks to jenn, and how your friends are basically unicorns come to life and covered in sparkles, and how you probably couldn't dream up a better life than the one you are living. not really. if you're being honest about it. hold on to today.

ek. (from now. the past. or something.)

Friday, November 23, 2012


this week. KIDS!

remember when harry potter came out? and j.k. rowling explained she'd written it with a male lead knowing that girls would read a book with a male protagonist, but boys wouldn't read a book about a giiiiirrrrrrlllll. at the time i was like 'yeah, totes...'. and now i'm like 'yeah, but, EFF THAT SHIZ! CHANGE THE SYSTEM!'.

so here is some good stuff.

* a dad hacks into zelda so his daughter can have be a girlhero

* a 6 year old is smarter than hasbro

ugh, hasbro! your response is maximum lame. but that girl and her mom? awesomesauce. and that dad and his daughter? AWESOMESAUCE! these kids will be good people, i suspect. and i'm excited that they exist.

happy friday, feminist-munchkins!

Monday, November 19, 2012

saved my life

hi internets-friends. i missed you.

can you believe that it is mid-november? i can't. christmas is SO SOON! i was looking at concerts online, and saw a show listed for november 1st and took out my daytimer to write it down... and only then remembered that november 1st is over, silly!

there is much to be done before the christmas times. secret present-things. and some working-things. and baking-things and so much more. and for sarah and danny et al. there is a lot of learning and examing to be packed into the next few weeks. it'll be great! let's all not get sick, yeah?! yeah!!

anyways. i'm excited. super excited and pumped. for home. and snow. and baby declan who is barely even a baby anymore! when do we have to start calling him a toddler? can't he just be a baby forever? sigh. i guess we're going to need another hooper-baby soon? huh? guys? anyone??

okay well. in the last few weeks. there has been a pile more live music. there was a bar-concert where a law-friend's girlfriend played viola in a bluegrass-edged rock band. there was the wacky art-music-festival-show (part one of four!!) that introduced me to DIANA (and thus carmen elle and thus army girls...). holy mother of pearl that was fun. like all the best most funny bits of art school rolled up into one with sparkly 6 inch heels on. then there was tafelmusik with a mozart and friends program that reminded me of con hall shows and home and growing up a suzuki-ite. then army girls (as introduced above) in the middle of the week in a bar that was giving out free tacos to celebrate... something.

and there were a million (or three or four?) other parties and events. art shows. wine. dancing. moustaches. hamilton. so much joy and the holiday season hasn't even kicked in! how many times over can i say i love my life like crazy before it starts to sound like gibberish? 2012 is really pulling out all the stops as the year comes to an end. if the world does indeed explode or whatever on december 21st, at least it will have given one hell of a last hurrah. hearts abounding, hearts for days.

enough chatter. here's some army girls for you. this girl kicks butt on stage. reeeeeaaaaally good guitaring, charming as hell vocals and banter, and some solid stage-posing to boot. mad love.

i hope you're all wrapped up in goodtimes and warmth too, internets. happy monday!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


hey bloggernets. i'm taking the week off to get caught up in real life. so here's a picture of me on a trapeze a million years ago. see you in a bit.

{i miss being on a trapeze}

Friday, November 9, 2012


this week there is only one thing. the most celebratingest thing.

*binders. full.

way to be, peeps. so pumped so proud so pleased. happy friday feministas!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

gingham style

wowzas. what a non-fashioney time it has been up on here. back on track, the internets.

{opening ceremony spring 2013, photos courtesy of opening ceremony by way of}

{revillon spring 2013, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

kittens for president

it has been a long week around here, and there have been lots of feelings what with OCIs for the law-kids and the election for the world... so now roommate-sarah and i are watching internet videos and being the most glad. we particularly enjoyed this one and thought you would too.

so luxuuuuuurious.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

votey vote vote day

happy election day, united states of america! you better not mess this up or i'm gonna be one pissed off blogger. NOTHING IS WORSE THAN A PISSED OFF BLOGGER! amiright?!

* here's an infographic that is interactive and megacool!

and perhaps you are like me and all 'electoral college wtf?!' so then you should watch this:

okay but for reals. don't mess this up guys. pretty please? okay thanks!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

for the love of mo

{moustache types borrowed from here}

it is november, and you know that means that men everywhere will be puttin' some hair on their lips for a good cause. now i can't grow a moustache (neither can my brother but we'll come back to that...) so i am instead participating in the following event to show my support:

* extension room's MOVEMBER CHALLENGE!!! 

sunday november 18th, i will be dragging any and every male i can find to dance-jump-workout their way to health both for themselves and for others. and you get cocktails after?! FOR A GREAT CAUSE??!! pretty please check it out and join me. i double dog dare you!! (you wouldn't pass on a double dog dare, would you? that would be SUPER lame.)

but if you aren't in toronto, or are a big fraidey-cat, you can always help the cause in another way. the above-mentioned brother is raising money and growing a tragedy-stash for the cause. last year his first born came into the world to that sad sad moustache, and it is only right that my nephew-declan celebrates his first birthday with an equally terrifying-faced dad. (sorry chris. but. really. you're just not made for facial-hair-growing...)

* you can donate to chris' valiant efforts here!

happy movember, everyone. may the moustache wax be with you. note i have intentionally spelled moustache wrong throughout, to encourage a more entertaining pronunciation. yeah? yeah. good.

Friday, November 2, 2012


*y'all are super lucky this week. cause i wrote this post on tuesday or wednesday. when i was at my usual feminist-anger level. and not the raging ragefest i am now at the end of this too long week of middle-aged straight white men telling me how to feel about my vagina. so you get a fairly cheerful post. and not the red-hot-tears-pouring-down-my-face post that would be if i had had to tackle feminist friday today. yay!*

i can't even believe we finally get a pen!

ellen is the bestest and i love her so.

enough enough enough. this bit reminded me that i have been meaning to talk about the rage-maker that is mark's work wearhouse's new campaign. too. i can't find a picture online so maybe maybe they've smartened up and taken them down*, but for realsies, for weeks all over the toronto subway were signs reading:

* mark's now accepting women

HAHAHA! yup. for real. sure they always sold stuff for ladies before, but now they are actually, like, pumped about selling stuff for ladies. like, whoa! we are welcome! no longer should we hide our heads in shame and hustle in and out with our steel-toes in hand, trying not to inconvenience the male patrons buying their sturdy belts and wooly socks. we can be proud to be shopping there! hoooray! oh wait. nope. now i will never shop there again. ooooops.

STOP IT WITH THE OTHERING! okay. thank you.

*nope! they haven't. there just aren't google-searchable versions... roommate-sarah had the joy of riding in a 'women welcome' subway car just yesterday... after i'd written this post, but before i posted. TADA! HOOOORAY!

Thursday, November 1, 2012