Monday, September 30, 2013

saved my life

this week is all for the girls with the darkest circles round their eyes. i had the pleasure of seeing diana at their cd release last week. carmen elle kills me. new house runs me down like a freight train. an unbearable weight. and then the whole weekend with the incomparable sarah jay, and all the music videos we could get on the terrible hotel wifi, and all the fash-add-making. talking about light and about sadness. this life is so beautiful these days, it is just overwhelming.

happy monday, sleepless beauties.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

bitter peel

sure, it's kinda filtered down prada-stella-mccartney-spring-2011 but that's fine and good because those collections were fine and good and i'm glad to have that aesthetic live on. plus everything is better with lime on/in.

{mother of pearl spring 2014, photos courtesy of mother of pearl by way of}

Saturday, September 28, 2013


joyful joyful candy coloured land, part two. but instead of underwater, these ones live on a mountain.

{preen by thorton bregazzi spring 2014, photos by yannis vlamos for by way of}


joyful joyful candy coloured, underwater land, part one. (i think looking at this collection might be the cure for depression...)

{peter pilotto spring 2014, photos by yannis vlamos for by way of}

Friday, September 27, 2013


{bitches be besmirching, am i right?! photo borrowed from hazlitt but embellished by me, obvi}

so. dude. goes all a dude on the internets.

* david gilmour on building strong stomachs

i especially like the bit where he tells his students to elsewhere to read women authors. probably there is a class that is about lady-writers. that should be kept totes separate from his class cuz his class is just about literature. you know. the stuff written by men. duh.

so then the internets is all 'ummmmm, dude. really? dude...'

* memo to david gilmour
* an open letter to david gilmour
* virginia wolf, beloved chinese author


* there isn't a racist sexist bone in my body

(quote woody allen. nice. cause he's such a charming non-misogynist...)
(also * how not to apologize for saying something sexist)
so the internets is all 'well, okay i guess, here's the whole transcript for context, but, um, you just look bad still, dude.'

* the gilmour transcript

and no one is surprised, and all the internets high-fives and dances to solange and is gladness.

happy friday, i hope he gets fiiiiiiired! (then maybe he and franzen can hang out and talk about that time the internets hurts their feeeelings.)

Thursday, September 26, 2013


FLOWER. oh snap, botanical/science illustration, cut outs, sheer and iridescent, happy happy me. and there were 54 looks in the collection. 54! that's just bonkers! oh, so joyful.

{christopher kane spring 2014, photos courtesy of christopher kane by way of}