Saturday, April 30, 2011

argentine outfits

what i wore - southern hemisphere style!

outfit 1 - club monaco 'cinnamon' pants, h&m shirt, earrings, and necklace, aldo shoes and belt, kenneth cole 'pet' purse (a regular, you'll notice...), grandma h aquamarine ring. lips to match nails, of course.

outfit 2 - zara (BIRTHDAY!) dress, h&m tights, earrings, ring, and cardigan, hibou shoes from little burgundy. tights were entertaining and dizzying on grass AND our hotel room rug.

outfit 3 - zara dress and blazer, pashmina from that random little shop in the grassmarket, edinburgh, unknown socks and tights, cooperative boots from urban outfitters, grandma h yellow-gold ring. nail colour change! and, though you can't see it, yellow eyeshadow. (damned glasses!)

outfit 4 - club monaco pants, h&m top, and socks, american eagle belt, scarf from the textiles museum in toronto, earrings from that going out of business jewels shop in bath... NEW! AREGENTINE! complot sweater, sibyl vane shoes. relaxo outfit.

outfit 5 - h&m shorts, zara blazer, pashmina..., urban outfitters top, unknown tights, winners boots. (big fan of that man resting his face on the door?)

outfit 6 - complot sweater, zara dress, h&m tights, one feather earring by myrtle and pearls, sibyl vane shoes, club monaco cuff, hilarious fur scarf bought in a random fur-and-bag shop on florida (markety street...), matt & natt envelope purse.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


cuddling with margene. exhausted. sad to be away from argentina and family. but happy to be home, too.

much much more on the trip soon. but for now. welcome a new family member: argentine alpaca. not yet named...

Friday, April 8, 2011


i've decided when i have my dream home, my dream neighbours will be:

musical theatre legends:

victor garber and mandy patinkin.

one on each side. we will sit on our porches, and sing, and maybe play games of cribbage too. it will be perfect.

(i'm watching godspell right now. with victor garber as JESUS! 70's jesus clown. how great is that? he was so cute and young! oh man. what a great flat-toothed smile! i'm a fan.)

(the country is not what it was where there's blood on the clover... assassins!)

(and dare we forget? the best part of titanic (the film) by a LOT. mr. andrews going down with his ship. all tiltey-sad-standing.)

(charles misses his ball. george misses marie. george misses a lot. george is alone... s.i.t.p.w.g.)


(and puppets?! oh. oh. heart... from a show called 'compulsion' by rinne groff which i would very much like to see.)

i could go on... oh musical theatre heart...


i am on day 11 of 18 days in a row of working! some days 2 jobs in one! i'm a bit tired. my legs are sore. from the walking.

so there's not much time for much aside from eating and sleeping and HANGING OUT WITH MARGENE! she is the best. this week we found an off-leash park right near us that is actually well fenced and gated, so i can let her off-leash! and she can run around, which is great! and look what she can do:

yup! anyways. it's an all margene post, which i'm sure you were really dying for. cause she is the best.

here are some hilarious pictures of her being the best.

and here is a video of her chewing. she's great at chewing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

saved my life

it's after midnight, which means it is technically monday. so i'm gonna go ahead and post this now. cause. oh man! it's been a good week for music in my life. listening to a lot. getting into some new stuff. and. well. if i don't post this now then it will be more than the three videos it is already going to be. so. before i get (further) carried away.

thanks, britain! an english singer, a welsh singer, and a band with a scottish name. from portland... (but don't they LOOK scottish? he does. the singer. i think. or maybe it's just the landscape and the coats...)

first. adele.. i really really want to throw a bunch of china down a staircase. and put a drummer in a room of water glasses. so jurassic park!

then... marina and the diamonds. aka. paperlimbs. and (i can only assume) a gentle spoofing of the single ladies video. with the trio of dancers.

finally. loch lomond. they're just KILLER charming! wait till you get a good look at the backup singers. CHARMING!

look at the skin around her eye... watch the skin around her eye...

Saturday, April 2, 2011


nearly argentina time!!!

better start figuring out what to wear in the high 20 degree weather...