Friday, April 24, 2015


Another Round - Episode 2: You Know White People

{gif credit to chris ritter for buzzfeed}

hey podkids. hi! so: just go listen to every single episode of another round. there are only six so far. you will be so sad that there are only six. it is so good, heben & tracy are the greatest.

okay bye! happy friday, earbuds.

Friday, April 17, 2015


ALL THE THINGS! there's a song there. check it out, it has great horn-bits.

too busy running and dancing and working and making jokes and making plans, i have been neglecting this here blorg. just gonna throw all the various bits i had drafted to post and then didn't. lots to read, lots and lots woooo!

* gloria steinem quote

* kerry washington speech

* how to uphold white supremacy by focusing on diversity and inclusion

* for whose protection

* this is what the fashion industry thinks diversity looks like

* THIS BOOK LOOKS SO GOOD I WANT TO GET IT FOR EVERYONE aka illustrated feminist heroes abcs

* why i only read books by women in 2013 (hey i'm doing that this year!)

okay greatjob! i have a thing in my brain that i'm stoked about. shhhh. i'll tell y'all about it. soon.

happy friday!