Friday, August 31, 2012

finally finale

feminist friday will happen tomorrow. sorry kids. today. the last of the resort fashions...

{mara hoffman resort 2013, photos courtesy of mara hoffman by way of}

{wayne resort 2013, photos by jeremy williams courtesy of wayne by way of}

Thursday, August 30, 2012

role call

{dsqaured2 resort 2013, photos courtesy of dsquared2 by way of}

{giulietta resort 2013, photos courtesy of giulietta by way of}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fast cars

new york fashion week is just about upon us and i still have some clipped resort shows for you. ugh! fashion, man. endless! i'm just gonna throw it all out there. go go go!

{gabirele colangelo resort 2013, photos courtesy of gabriele colangelo by way of}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

kids who also feel inside and stuff

oh my god oh my god oh my god guys.

did you KNOW that when kids are sick they can't do the hiphop no more?!!!???


a brilliant amazing project for cure kids.

go there. buy the song so you can helpa the kids! HOLY CRAP DO IT!
many thanks to janice for making me aware of this, but look, guys, you're gonna need to make more kids for the bowls of teeth. i will work on the traps for robbers.

(and also i think that kid has a better idea of how the banking system functions than i do.)

*** hmmmm... now that i am trrryyyyying to buy it myself, it doesn't look like you can in canada. BOOOO!***

Monday, August 27, 2012

saved my life

tonight is ballet class and thank god because i need it. i wish i was good enough to dance out the painful stuff... the heart stuff... the life stuff... (and yes, yes, anyone can dance their feeeeelings, but not actually. because i believe in dance and i believe in dancing well, and worst of all i believe in ballet, and there is no doing ballet poorly, no sir, it will not do.)

so i will watch this, instead. and then work harder in class.

when i first saw this ballet, wrapped in my ikea duvet in my ikea room, all in white and wood, in a grey and cold edinburgh, i cried so hard i thought i might die. i wonder if i will ever ever manage to make something that moves me as much as this ballet did? (as ballet does.) i am pretty certain i won't, but that is okay because that is a very very very big demand to make on my little art and even if i make something a quarter as moving... well... that will be good too.

happy monday. the world is hard right now. steep in the beautiful things when you can.

Friday, August 24, 2012


in an epic case of 'hahahaha ooooops!' todd akin said the worst ever thing this week. and of course the internets. is. talkin. bout. it. (and republicans in general.)

* this one is particularly good so i'm setting it on its own...

i could post 18 bazillions more links, but i'll spare you all that underlined text.

i didn't reeeeally want to talk about this. because it is insane and so rage-inducing and beyond comprehension that i'm all 'nooooooooooo!' about blorging on the subject. but. then again.people who refuse to call themselves feminists, even, are posting alllll about it in a mad fervor.

this is one of a million and ten things that being a feminist means to me: believing that people in power positions should be educated about the things that are asserting power over. being outraged that there are people in 2012 who do not know the most basic details of how the female reproductive system works who are attempting to assert any level of power or control over those female reproductive systems. i don't think that is a radical point of view.

oh! and also a point for BETTER SEX EDUCATION IN THE US. (and we ain't sooo wise here either, canada. i do have a friend who believed that a headstand after intercourse was functional birth control. a sexually active friend. and a pile o' other crazy ideas about how our baby-makers work. that is to say that this whole thing, sadly sadly, did not surprise me. heaviest sigh.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


{me & kathy in 1990}

no amount of words can explain what music means to me, and what being taught to listen and internalize has done for me far beyond my musical undertakings. i am so grateful for the gift of music that i was given so early in my life. i can't come up with anything to say that doesn't sound trite and cliched.

so. just. thank you. kathy. for your kindness and generosity and patience and joy and for everything. my suzuki ear is truly the greatest gift i have ever been given. so much love and so much thanks and so much sadness. the world lost a truly special woman this week.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


chameleon {photo from here}

sometimes i feel very sad for chameleons. sometimes i wonder if they have no idea who they are, really.
if you take away the surroundings.

Monday, August 20, 2012

saved my life.

david rakoff.

this week's 'this american life' is entirely him. in his memory.

take a listen. it is a wonderful thing. he was a wonderful thing. he was canadian! it is so sad to have lost him.

he talks about the facade. the ability to joke. to cover a deep melancholy and loneliness. wit. and so much more. he was an amazing storyteller. and he burns RENT. which. is exactly what everyone should do. haha! amazing!

and his performance at this year's TAL live was my very favourite thing. i cried when i first saw it. and then cried again, harder, when it was replayed on the podcast. here it is. it is a type of magic i can't begin to explain.

thank you, david, for everything.

happy monday friends.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

atop again with VISUAL AIDS!

a ton of people looked at my hair-question post. which is so hooray forever! BUT! only 12 people actually voted. (or, actually less cause there were 12 votes counted, but some people voted for more than one look which is totes allowed.) what's the deal, yo? i really need your help! i am less-decided than ever!

i got to thinking is that maybe people are having a hard time imagining what those hair colours would actually look like on ME rather than on the lovely lovelies that are pictured. so! funtimes sunday! i did an artistic representation of each hairs for you to consider! tadaaaa!!!!

here's the template. me at my most colourless. with the imagined hair length. you know. of the future.

right? yup. about right. okay. now here's me with all the hairs options. note. the copper tones (haha coppertone!) didn't scan very well on the red hairs. it's a bit pinker than i would go for. so. you know. be open in your considerations. 

{the darkest hairs} 

 {the mixed hairs}

{the red hairs} 

{the white hairs}

let's try again! now that you can seeeeeeee all the options.
(and for reals this is the most fun of my life. pretty much.)

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she'll grow to love (the tender roses, lilies fair, the iris tall...)

i dreamed about shopping for planters and filling my balcony with a garden. so much green. (which is very on-point since i've been feeling shameful for not having done now that everyone i know is posting pictures of their tomatoes and zucchini on the internets...) so this feels like the right collection for this morning. (and i say 'this morning' knowing that it is after noon. because i let myself sleep in today. the kind of blurry hazy sleep in where you can't seem to crawl out of the blankets for hours and your one arm keeps going numb. fevered. so it is still morning to me. here with my coffee and eggs.)

{douglas hannant resort 2013, photos courtesy of douglas hannant by way of}

Friday, August 17, 2012


i've barely been on the internets this week, and so i didn't really get my feminism on. but! i did meet some cool new chicks last night, and one of them posted an article on the facebook today! and how handy is that? it's about fashion AND feminism! i've only read the first half. but. so far so good. let's all read it together!

* fashion is a feminist issue

haaaappy weekend friends.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

mercy me (the night is long)

*warning. this post is heavy and has swears. i wrote it late last night during a particularly angry bout of the night-time-sads. i thought about not posting it. but i try to give valid time and space to my night-time-sads even in the much calmer light of day. because they are very much a part of me and they are as real and as fleeting as anything else. so being honest with them is being honest with myself and you. but don't worry. i'm fine.*

{photo by james nord}

i am so lonely it is killing me.

i hate that. because it is not that i can't be alone.

i love being alone.

i hate all those 'learn to spend time with yourself' preachy pieces. i am a master of doing things alone.
often i'd rather watch the play or the movie alone. for a less edited reaction. to actually feel the thing rather than moderate. so as to never make anyone uncomfortable? so as to be accommodating and apropos?

but i want my fucking someone, god damn it. i deserve my fucking someone. and sometimes it is so much a part of me - the lacking of that part of me - that i can feel it everywhere. and i want to throw up and i want to punch walls. and i want to scream at all the people who are doing it wrong. that it is unfair that they get to go around pretending. thinking they know better and that i could have what they have if i just relaxed or some bullshit. and i watch them smash and train wreck their way through. and i find it completely exhausting. i am completely exhausted.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

forever damp

i wish it was actually possible to pull off that slicked back wet hair look. so fresh-out-the-pool. so unattainable in the real life. sighing. but since i can't have that hair, i will instead accept that luxurious long blue dress.

{costume national resort 2013, photos courtesy of costume national by way of}