Saturday, March 31, 2012


damn you OPI. you think you can sway me with your pretty pictures of ballerinas?

well. you can.

damn you!

damn your new york ballet nail polish collection. damn your office-appropriate gentle shades.

because i don't already have a nail-polish-buying problem. not at all.

and this won't make me go crazy and run downstairs and buy the whole collection. at all! it won't.

(but maybe i could just buy one? or. four? or...)

Friday, March 30, 2012


this week was going to be about this christian dude who critically dealt with his belief structure and came to some pretty sound conclusions. cause i really liked the piece.

but then!

 {dougal mcneil on reading female authors}

i found this other piece. and i was much more engaged and interested in actually writing about it. so. still read the first. but! here's today's focus:

* reading (or not reading) women authors

firstly, let me say that it would probably help if more women were published, so literary world, PUBLISH MY SISTER ALREADY!!! i mean. jeeez. (okay, i know he says that women being published isn't the problem. but still. publish her anyways. jeeez.)


be sure to look at the pie-charts linked in the article. (cause. PIE!) about women vs. men in journalism.*


this is something emma has mentioned before. making an effort to include female authors in her courses and so on. because the thing is, a lot of the 'classics' are written by men. (that has a lot to do with the times in which same 'classics' were written, and the voices women were given/allowed then.) so we tend to read those. but even beyond that... when it comes to literature outside the lines of 'chick lit'... it does seem to me that we (i) tend to end up reading soo sooo many more men than women. and i'm a person who thinks about these things. (i'm a person with a feminist weekly-feature!)

in my current bookclub we have read:
hope, a tragedy - auslander.
1q84 - murakami.
the leftovers - perotta.
isobel & emile - reed.
freedom - franzen.

all contemporary novels. all male authors.

i have to admit i'm ashamed. (and since i chose a book everyone pretty much hated, followed by a book with over 900 pages, i won't get to pick again anytime soon. so. shoot.)

i have, on my own time, read one joan didion book recently. and bought two more for future reads. (which i'll write a purchase post about soon.)

my past bookclub only held together for three books, but of those two were by men.

sigh. i don't feel good about this. i will need to work to improve.

*because. maybe, just maybe, this is part of the reason someone (ANYONE) thought that this piece of trash was suitable for publication in what many would consider to be a fairly liberal and intellectual newspaper. in canada. HEAVY SIGHS!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


tar and water and horses. those green boots.

enough said.

{fall pedro lourenço 2012, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

forever soon

we're going back in time a bit, now, to january. sarah and i hosted a wee little engagement party for the most magical-wonderment couple of friends marc and mel.

marc and mel are so fantastically well matched it almost hurts me. in a 'stabbing joy into my heart' kind of way. and beyond that, they are the greatest human-friends a girl could ever dream of. mel has been a constant rock for me since i moved to the toronto. i have called her crying and happy and crying and desperate and ranty and chatty and every other possible mood one can call a person in. she has made time for me over and over in her insanely hectic schedule. she has given me advice and wisdom that a therapist could charge crazy dollars for. and all that makes her pretty much one of the most amazing persons a person could hope to spend time near. and then! she goes and gets engaged to marc. who is smart and witty and attentive and inspiring TOO! and HE has given me so much love and support over the last two years that i can't even believe it. together they always go way above and beyond any call of friendship for me. and they love and respect and care for each other in a way that is nothing short of inspiring. i love them so. i'm remembering, just now, that i already wrote a love-vomit-fest post about them when they first got engaged. i think... although i can't find it. so. oooops. whatever! i can't say it enough. can't.

but. back on track and away from my feelingsheart. here are some photos from our little gathering. all vegan! such a lovely time! (and darn those kids, marc and mel went and bought me a punchbowl for the party! the big jerks! buying me a present for THEIR party?!)

{the invite! i went and drew it with my hands.}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

true, still

i think my pre-fall conclusions are pretty much all that needs to be said re stella and ysl. so.
go back and look at those if you like. or don't. it's cool!

{fall stella mccartney 2012, photos by yannis vlamos at by way of}

{fall yves saint laurent 2012, photos by monica feudi at by way of}

Monday, March 26, 2012

saved my life

happy birthday to me!

here is a sad song!!!

and so you don't get toooo sad on my birthday (cause what the hell dudes! it's my birthday! cheeeeeer up!!!)

KITTENS!!! (there's a surprise in there.)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

rolling stone

these are some great looks. but mostly it's the green boots. that are the thing of things. greeeeen boooooots!

{fall sophia kokosalaki 2012, photos courtesy of sophia kokosalaki by way of}


mary mary, had a little baby.


mary did you know?...


mary had a little lamb.

yup. that's the one.

lambs! lamb-wear. and drop-crotch pants i can get behind. and just the right amount of 'box'. and tubes of dresses i could slink about quite happily and glamorously in. and of course, the falconer/electrician glove thing that i love so much.

{fall neil barrett 2012, photos courtesy of neil barrett by way of}

Saturday, March 24, 2012


just a wee one. HOUNDSTOOTH!

{fall martin grant 2012, photos courtesy of martin grant by way of}

{fall loewe 2012, photos by marcus tondo at by way of}