Monday, December 27, 2010


i don't really believe in new years - or in new years resolutions, more precisely. because i DO believe that new years exists. you know. as a thing. it happens. but. i sort of hate the idea of everything being new and fresh, because it isn't. it creates a false sense of freedom which fades away somewhere in mid january or early february, and then everyone gets sad again.

but. i do believe in change. and getting inspired again. anew. (at any time of year.) and cutting off all of my hair was definitely an act meant to jumpstart something like that. as sarah-thomas said: 'long hair erin was kind of... well... sad erin...'. true. largely. and i don't think cutting my hair off will INSTANTLY make me a gladder-me, but it represents a letting go of things. and an openness to other things being possible and good and maybe even BETTER!

anyways. i'm gonna get me re-inspired. i am. i am gonna read magazines again for REAL and ENJOY them, and i'm gonna make mood boards, and MAYBE even sketchbook in the totally self-indulgent, emo way i did in first year art school. I am gonna try.

DOUBLE ANYWAYS! last night i couldn't sleep because it was belated-christmas-eve, and i was excited about belated-christmas. and i was all FEELINGS all on the surface of my skin. right up there. and i was reminded, by bryanboy how much i like that new song by robyn. you know? about dancing alone? and so i watched the video. and then i watched ALL HER OTHER VIDEOS! and i decided that a) i love her, and b) she is my newest style-icon. rock my socks robyn! what with her short hair that doesn't look butch or boyish, and her feminist-but-sexy sort of vibe. check it!

bring it on, being all colourful and bright! bring it on, being larger (and NOT smaller) than life!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

get yourself a haircut, and get a real dog

goodbye, longhair.

hello, saving cash-dollars on shampoo.

and, also.

(but. beware. ZOMBIE DOG!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

plan your grimas outfit...

you have a lot of colours possibilities to match. don't worry!

my dress arrived the other day. and it is tops! i think i will wear it with grandma h's giant yellow ring. maybe?

also, it came with this great garment bag, and if i cut holes in the right places... well... a second dress?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

fashion file

remember the x-files? yeah. it was a pretty big deal.

but. do you remember that scully was a style icon? or. sort of. i'm watching the first season. and. she's wearing this kickass lace blouse, with high waisted black pants on a date... and. well. it's right on. because, you know. the 90s are cool.

and while i was trying to find a still of the shirt, i also found a blog writing about ANOTHER outfit from the same episode! suede vest! (except that blog totes burns on the lace shirt. which is harsh. cause the lace shirt is awesome.)

also the soft focus of non-HD filming tends to give her this smoky gentle-edged look like an olden-timey movie star. which i love.

Monday, December 6, 2010


margene is the best. and everywhere we go people want to talk to me about her. cause she is the best. so. understandable.

on friday we went on a subway/streetcar adventure to the vet, and on the way home a young lady started chatting with me. she told me all about her puppy, juniper, who is an 11 month old mini-poodle. (like sarahs'.) then, as we got off at the same station, and then walked to the same street, we learned that we are neighbours! she's in the building next door to me... owned by the same peeps and everything! oh man! what are the odds? so when margene is old enough to kick it outdoors with other dogs, she'll have a friend ready and waiting!!!

anyways. she's sleeping on my lap right now, and it is making typing hard. so. i'll just put up some pictures. (i had her wearing a bracelet as a collar so she'll be comfortable when she needs one for walking. because the collar i have is TOOOO big for her TINY neck.)

aaaannnnnd. these pictures too. of what i wore to the hermes cocktail party. (and of marissa and i there. taken by the photographer there... who didn't take a very good picture, considering he's a photographer... i mean. come on.)

thanks again for the dress josee... it was special as ever. almost everyone was wearing black. (not that there's anything wrong with black. it looks slick, of course. just. more common.) but, HEY! not me! creamy asymmetry!

Friday, December 3, 2010

advertising jerks

i WAS gonna write about margene coming home (which is great! she is best ever!) or maybe about going to the hermes christmas cocktail party and drinking champagne and watching hilarious french slight-of-hand magicians...

but then i remembered this add. that i have been seeing around town. in all the bus shelters. and. well. i'm not a fan.

okay. there are a lot of reasons why i'm not a fan... you know. what with me thinking that it's important to be able to be alone with yourself, and happy with oneself, and independent and blah blah. but.

what about the idea that you should probably propose to the person you're with... because... you know... regardless of how you FEEL about them... being alone sucks. so. don't let that happen. get married instead.

weddings like, say, chris-and-janice-best-times and josee-and-adam-wonderment-joytown... those weddings have really made me think about what it looks like when it is RIGHT. (emma-and-charlie-soon-too...) and. well. i hate to think of all the wrong that comes from this ad's mindset. heavy sighs.

geeze guys. geeze. spence diamonds? you're a jerk-wad.