Friday, July 30, 2010

the magician and the dream-maker

this last weekend two of my top favourite people got married. to each other! and they did it surrounded by a whole pile of my other top favourites. art school friends! amazingly stylish and wonderful friends. it was a beautiful day with beautiful weather and beautiful clothes. i think it would have to be referred to as the style event of 2010. i will now pretend to be a real style blog for a moment. here are some of the great outfits. (note. there was a picnic (pique-nique, actually) in the afternoon, pre-ceremony. there was, therefore, opportunity for a costume change.)

the bride and groom in their first outfits. hats!

croquet champion.

bride! made her own dress. (and most of the desserts too.)

groom! pointing!

it was like she stole a picnic blanket and made it into a dress. it was like she was awesome. (she was. and is. awesome.)

collar on the left. cream coloured. shirt on the left. white. sassy.

even the bartenders looked exceptional.

there were many more outfits worth posting, but i don't have any decent photos displaying them. so that's what you get!

and. what i wore. (taken in my room at the hotel selkirk. which was upgraded for some reason. supergreat!)

picnic outfit. the bride made this too.

ceremony/dinner dress.

i'm really happy with the earrings.

many thanks to a & j for being a constant inspiration to all, and to all the peeps for being the coolest, kindest, sharpest bunch of friends a girl could ask for. i missed you, and miss you. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on sadness

so yesterday i watched 'the education of charlie banks' while i was 'getting stuff done'. i thought it would be funny. because it has that funny kid in it. you know. the one from adventureland. the one who looks like michael cera, but older. it wasn't funny. really. it was much more sad. somewhat predictable, maybe... but. sad. a coming of age type story. i'm guessing it had some parallels to the great gaspy, but i haven't read that yet, so i can't say for sure. it was a pivotal book in the movie. ANYWAYS!

in it, there was this song. which i have heard before, i think.... but it sure did stick with me this time. it was very well used... and i've had it in my brain ever since. and it is called 'the sad song'. and it is by fredo viola. here it is:

and the thing is, it does make me very sad. this sad song. and i wonder. is there something scientific about it? is it, musically, the correct grouping of notes to create sadness? is there such a thing? sure, minor is usually pretty sad. but... well... that's something for you musician types to think about. decode it! go!

anyways. in light of that song, i thought i'd write about sad stuff. a bit. like.

GLEN HANSARD! (the swell season.) oh man. great concert. mel and i went to see them play at the queen elizabeth theatre, and it was great. so great. great great. you know that shouty-singing-yell thing he does? well. when you're in a smallish-theatre-room, that shouty-singing-yell is mighty powerful. makes your heart feel weird. makes your arm hairs hurt. makes your ribcage expand-collapse all at once. it is good. for the encore, he came out alone, and sang 'say it to me now' away from the microphones. all acoustic and whatnot. and the lighting was from either side, throwing this giant sad-glen-shadow up on the sides of the theatre. super-raw-times. they went on to play a pile more songs, but i was kind of hoping they'd leave it at that. 'now we've devastated you. go on home! thanks! goodnight!'

mel, marc, my new friend stuart, and i went to dim sum.
to be fair, it wasn't really sad. it was delicious. but the last time i went to dim sum was sad. (remember, emma? remember how i cried a bit, but pretended not to. yup. that wasn't so good. that time.) so i get to include it in this post. also, i like adding new characters to blogstown. too. marc is a repeat character now. and you get to meet stuart! i mean. no exclamation mark. sadclamation mark...

also sad. mel bought some blow up floaty devices for the pool. and we went out with one of them that day, and it wasn't as hot as it had been earlier when we got to the pool. so, that's pretty sad. and. i haven't been back to the pool since. and that was, like, a WEEK ago. SAD!

katie came to visit me! but then she left again. sad. (okay, to be fair, my life here isn't all that sad. i may have run out of sad things to talk about. go with it.)

we went to christie pits pool. which is FREE! overrun by children, but FREE! however, the young lifeguard wouldn't let me do any cool dives. 'no back dives!' he said, as i turned around at the end of the board. 'i'm not doing a back dive. i'm doing an inverted dive.' i said. 'uhhhhhhh... no inverted dives.' he said. i don't think that is really a rule. i think he made it up on the spot because he was confused. stuuupid kid.

later that day, katie and i spent some time people watching in kensington park. man oh MAN were there characters there! amazing. two of our favourites, especially in their sharing of the same space: the ultimate-douche (pardon my language) and the spacy-hippie. he was all shirtless, talkin' business on his cell, flexin' his muscles, bein' the hottest thing in that there park. man was he hot. man did he know it! man. he was important. and flexing. and she. was doing what can only be described as erotic-yoga. she really loves the earth. it was brilliant. people watching is the best.

that's about it for now! since i haven't put any art or fashion on here in a while, here's a drawing of a dog i did a while ago. he's kind of sad, no? sure.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

great news!

according to the internets, i am :

good looking!!! it is nice of them to say so. i'm not sure i'm ACTUALLY getting more attractive peeps in my suggested boys. i haven't noticed, anyways. but. well. the thought is what counts, i guess.



sorry about all that not-posting. there've been several things i was going to post about, but then i got 'busy', which is a word i like to use these days in the place of 'lazy'. (i have been tidying a lot. and. ummmm. eating? contemporary dancing?) so now i'll post about allllllll of them! photos abound!

way back in time. item one.
i should probably work on getting some saddle bags or back-baskets. because i think people might think i'm a hobo:

but it is handy to have one's breakfast right there on the back rack.

item two.
i told you about my least favourite street. (curse you yonge!!!) let me tell you about my favourite street! walmer road. it is a champion of a road. there's lovely homes with ivy on, and a church with ivy on, and some great apartments with well-decorated front lawn-areas. charming. is what it is. and i love it. i hope to live on it one day.

item three!
styling work! PAID styling work. assisting styling work! commercial for chaz condo. all green screen times! and free food too. good food! and it should be mentioned that working for sarah is best ever. she is the boss that people dream of having. fun and kind and so open. love. (thank you ian. thank you thank you.) also. i extra'd. i was having a hip happenin' time at the chaz nightclub/bar. man! what a time! oh the characters!

some of the accessories we pulled for the shoot.

a whole day (7am to after 11pm) in this funny green box.

on the 'craft' table (aka snacks...) the coffee stir sticks are PASTA! how brilliant is that?!

item four.
bulk barn with mel and marc. kind of like going to heaven.

item five.
MUSKOKA! freaking muskoka. WHOA. whoa. best place on earth. better, even, than the bulk barn. serious.

i bused out saturday morning, and when i arrived in bracebridge around 1pm, i was greeted by a smiling pile of good times (with beer and sandwiches!), sean-seanna-quinn, na'ama-levi, chris-janice. then we all jumped in the boat and cruised our way to the millar cottage/home where lesley-carl-fraiser were hanging out. and a beautiful cottage/home it is. as if i wasn't already a huge janice-and-family-fan. to break the weekend down:
amazing food, tons of sun and crazy heat, BOATING!, wake boarding, water skiing, tubeing, fireworks, reading, lazing, jumping off the boathouse, colouring with kids... brilliant great weekend. i'm so grateful i got to go out. i'll put more pictures on facebook at some point. but for now:

on the bus. rather curious. if not for reading, what are the lights for?

picked up! happy! this is the life!

watching the fireworks display, good and bundled. unfortunately the mosquitos found their way into our blanket fortress, and na'ama paid the price.

chris demonstrates how this is supposed to go.

my first attempt is unsuccessful. but i am encouraged by those on the boat and i am determined to try again.

woooooooooooo! did it! up on the second time.

coordinated swimming ensemble.

item six.
it is crazy hot in this city this week. bonkers hot! i am grateful for air conditioning. i am grateful, too, for mel and marc's apartment pool. (today, however, i was having such a good time tidying and organizing my home, that when mel invited me to hang poolside i almost didn't go. what?! i think my brain is broken. i did go. in the end. phew!)

item seven.
don't worry mom. i got a library card. and. they're free! for EVERYONE!!! i didn't even have to be unemployed. FREE!