Sunday, August 23, 2009

fashion town, 2009!

in a somewhat awesome, somewhat worrying twist of circumstances (???), i have ended up applying for a REAL job. in fashion retail. in a lot of ways i'm not technically qualified for this job - having no real retail experience, and no real management credentials. but in the ways that matter i'm HECKA qualified. like. i love clothes. a lot. i love fashion, and the fashioney world, and all it's fashioney bits. and i like working with people. so. that's great!

but the real point of this post is this: all i've been thinking about since i applied is FASHIONFASHIONCLOTHESFASHIONRETAILCLOTHES!

which is so much awesome funness. i want it forever! i want this job! i want this skirt... from the store... where i've applied... oh i hope! only one or two more interviews to go!

with all my thinking about fashionclothes, i've been looking at a lot of fashionclothes. and here are some things i think!:

these balenciaga tights are pretty great. and wearable. and you can get very similar ones from Joe Fresh (superstore) for $8.00!!! rad!

alexander mcqueen's show is my favorite of his in a while... houndstooth!? escher-esque birds?! flouncy poofy good times!? good work mr. mcqueen. thanks for being super-great.

lanvin's alber elbaz is as awesome as ever. don't worry. he still looks kind of like a penguin, and he sitll is always all tilty. phew! he says of his clothes: 'it's almost like if the coat is hugging you... i love the sensation of clothes that are hugging you.' (thanks,