Wednesday, March 24, 2010

not stylist of the week

sorry friends. the stylist of the week is postponed till later. in the week. because i have to drive to calgary right away, and i had put off packing, so i spent the morning doing that instead of looking at stylists. but i am bringing a bag o' magazines with me (to calgary) so don't worry! there'll be a stylist! eventually.

also, both my ladies cancelled on me today (wha?!) so there was no lunch. no leaving the house. no outfit. it's a shame, because there was gonna be dark burgundy lipstick today. oh well. another day. in the mean time. (MEAN!)

check out these shoes i can only assume adidas made especially for me:

(i am incredibly 'fly', as they say.)

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Anonymous said...

I admit it - those are some pretty sweet kicks... Do the kids still say that? Kicks? Actually, I don't care, I like that saying and am bringing it back, I don't care what anyone says. yeah!