Friday, March 12, 2010

in case you were worried.

some of you might be thinking:

'hmmm. i don't know about this whole "fashion-thing" erin is into. isn't it all a bit shallow? isn't it all a bit girly-girl-girlpants?' (i know a certain sarah thinks things like this sometimes. sometimes she thinks i've been fashion-brain-washed.)

but don't worry. yesterday i went to homedepot to buy some wood for canvas stretchers, and i got really really excited about this:

so. i still have other interests too. don't worry.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was at Home Depot 3 times on the weekend too! Unfortunately Janice wouldn't let me buy any cool woodworking tools, just boring patio furniture.

Ione said...

Erin will come and sit on your new patio chairs, place a glass of wine on the new patio table and talk power tools with you. That'll be enough.

tori said...

how can you not get excited when it says 'mega'!