Friday, November 22, 2013


you know when you look at the way people talked about certain issues in the past and are all 'whoooa i can't believe people talked like that...' around issues of race and culture, maybe. homosexuality. tolerance isn't across the board these days, but it is way better than it was for so many. and we kind of almost laugh about how ignorant and idiotic the previous sentiments could be. you know? well i hope in the not so far future that is how we'll look back at today and the way that trans people are spoken to/about.

this past wednesday was international transgender day of remembrance.  tdor was created to give space to the memories of those who were killed by hateful, prejudiced, anti-trans violence. you can read all about it.

* international transgender day of remembrance

* INFO! INFO GRAPHICS!! we all love infographics. and learning.

* resources!

and... i hope the following tumblr is just laughable and archaic. soon. very very soon. please.

"Have you been buying the wrong clothes again?"

* stuff cisgenders say

let's work on that, yeah? okay. yeah. let's.

happy friday, humans.

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