Monday, February 27, 2012

saved my life

goodness, guys! i started doing the most wonderful thing!

i started going to the extension room for ballet-themed workout classes. and they are magic. and painful. i've been three weeks in a row, and i'm completely and totally hooked. they're perfect for me. the strength and flexibility work of yoga, extension and definition like in pilates, and the musicality, gracefulness, and structure of ballet. also the studio is pretty and awesome. loooook!

please note! having the mirror there and doing moves even lightly based on ballet have really hit home for me how much i am not a dancer. it was a bit crushing, i will admit. as was the fact that i am in just terrible shape. it has been waaaayyy too long since i've done anything even remotely strength-based. and even when i was doing aerials, i did my best to ignore pretty much all the core-training. so. my middle has never been great and is especially not strong now.

it hurts a lot.

and the classes are not easy-going. oh, how i hurt.

but the teacher is bonkers-bread nice and lovely, and i love love love it. i want to do it forever and ever amen.

so anyways, today is dancer-themed cause i'm so pumped on the dancing-things. also i never did get around to writing about the insane-brilliant-beautyfest that was pina. (i still plan on doing so eventually.) so here's a little piece of pina that was maybe my favourite, but i had a lot of favourites, so it is hard to say for sure.


happy monday loves! go move your bodies.

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