Thursday, December 5, 2013

blister, burn

holy god, catching fire is bleak. and fantastic. and devastating. and i loved it. and i want to see it again right this minute. i very much liked the first film, but there were a few punches i felt they pulled - the dogs being mutts, particularly, which is such a powerful terrible idea. which made sense cuz kids movie... but. this film doesn't pull punches. the old man in district 11. i love that the costumes and makeup look real - not polished high-def movie real. but. stagey. put on. the tributes dressed up. you see the texture, you see the fabric and the seams and the way things sit on or dig into skin. the sweat, spit, tears, hair, fire. flickerman's teeth. glass. where there is polish and where there is not. utility vs comfort vs costume. yes, this is a very well handled film. oh it is dark. 

johanna. jenna malone, who i have loved forever, is brilliant and sad. her anger is overwhelming and roiling. she is my favourite for a million miles.

catching fire was the best book in the series for me, and one of the more intoxicating books i've read. the movie does it proper justice. oh i am pleased, i am heartbroken. also, buy the soundtrack. it is really really really good. elastic heart. oh god.


Emma said...

I also really really really liked it and thought it would/could be a whole-family movie xmas date maybe

Rick said...

I will vote for that, and we could watch the original movie first on Netflix.