Friday, July 11, 2014


"Was it really that difficult for you to imagine what Erin's point was, did you not even try, or did you actively not want to understand her?"

just wanted to start things off today with that there quote from a much longer post by an internet-friend of mine, taking to task a jackass who was all concern-troll-y .this internet-friend has proven to be insanely patient and pointed with concern-trolls or full-on-trolls et al. thank you, internet-friend, for being able to have these conversations over and over. i had just looked at the string of absurdities and assholeries and tapped right on out - i am too tired. i have zero desire to try to teach someone something they are actively being ignorant about. cheers to those who keep on keepin' on. lord knows it ain't easy. you make the world better. you make me a little less tired. a little more hopeful.

now! onwards to readings. lots of good stuff for you this week. check it:

{a true (illustrated) story by ariel schrag}

* the ping-pong theory of tech sexism

**trigger warning on these next two**
{anonymous for the nib} 
{from 'prey' written by kathleen hale for hazlitt}
* prey
on that last one there... it is a stunningly beautiful piece of writing, i think. it isn't a fun read, of course, it isn't an easy read. but, oh, it is something profoundly moving. it is a well-crafter work. if we must read these stories - and as long as the statistics are what they are i feel that we must - let them all be this honest, let them all cut this deeply.
happy friday, all of us playing dead on our backs.

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